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Trademark Registration in Bangalore

The Trademark Registration in Bangalore plays a vital role in promoting products and provides information about the Product. Smartcorp covers all type of legal registration services under one roof. Our services are extended in Marathahalli, Bannerghatta, KR puram, Shanthinagar and in Shivaji Nagar. We have 10+ years of experience in the legal registration services and we are one of the best legal service providing company in Bangalore.

Any individual, firm or legal entity who is the owner of any particular product or service can apply for the trademark.Brand registration in Bangalore is a symbol that brings the unique identification among the competitors. The well-known companies around the globe have some specific trademarks of their own. So by registering a trademark, no one can use the logo in future. In the competitive business world, trademark registration is essential to show the uniqueness of the product or business.

The types of trademark are listed below which are registered in India,

Collective Trademark

Collective mark is defined as a trademark that is capable of differentiating the goods and services of the members of the organization. The collective marks indicate the source of goods and the services. It can be used by variety of traders rather than individual concern.

Words and service marks

Word marks are used to find out the products and services of a trading company or a service-providing company. The service marks are used to indicate the particular service of the :

Shape marks

Shape marks are used to protect the shape of the product. It has a three- dimensional marks which will help to identify the differences between the products.

Logos and symbols

Logos and symbols are the printed design or character or painted design or figures that indicate the company’s name, service or product’s name.

Collective marks

When the marks are connected with a group of people or services collectively it is known as Collective Mark. The organization can own the trademark, but it is a viewing pole in business for many people.

Series Marks

These are the marks which are registered to use before or after a chain of product where there would be a common suffix / prefix or symbol.

The Certification mark

The Certification mark is used to describe the quality and standard of the product.This would make the public aware of the fact that a particular company’s product has met the standards laid down by the certifying body.