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Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Trademark Registration in Bangalore holds significant value in product promotion and offering essential product information. Smartcorp offers a comprehensive range of legal registration services, serving areas like Marathahalli, Bannerghatta, KR Puram, Shanthinagar, and Shivaji Nagar. With over a decade of experience, we stand as a premier legal service provider in Bangalore.

Anyone, be it an individual, company, or legal entity, owning a specific product or service can apply for trademark registration online. Brand registration in Bangalore offers a distinctive identity amidst competitors. Global renowned companies possess unique trademarks that prevent future misuse of their logos. In today's competitive business landscape, trademark registration is vital to showcase product or business uniqueness.

The types of trademark are listed below which are registered in India,

Collective Trademark

A collective mark distinguishes goods or services among members of an organization. It identifies the origin of goods or services and can be used by various traders, not just individual entities.

Words and service marks

Word marks identify products or services of trading or service-providing companies. Service marks specify particular services provided.

Shape marks

Shape marks protect the product's unique shape, often in three-dimensional form, helping to differentiate products.

Logos and symbols

Logos and symbols represent a company's name, service, or product, appearing as printed or painted designs.

Collective marks

These marks signify a collective group or services, owned by an organization but representing multiple entities.

Series Marks

These series marks apply to a series of products with a common prefix, suffix, or symbol.

The Certification mark

Certification marks signify product quality and standards, ensuring the public knows products meet set standards by certifying bodies.