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Copyright Registration in Bangalore

Smartcorp is one of the leading service providers in Bangalore. Our legal experts provide professional guidance during the process of Copy right registration in Bangalore. We always welcome new entrepreneurs and have built a long term relationship with our clients. We are serving in Silk Board, Electronic City, Madiwala,Chikballapur, Kanakapura and many other cities of bangalore. Copyright registration in Bangalore with smartcorp is the best consultant and choosing the same is the best decision of the applicant to undergo copyright registration services. Copyright is one of the intellectual property that the creator owns for the created work.

Copyright registration in Bangalore is the license that is provided for the creator of an original literary, dramatic, artistic or musical work. By owning the Copyright, theft and unauthorized usage is avoided. Copyright registration in Bangalore has the right for recreation of art work, to sell and distribute the copies and perform/ display the work in public.

The rules related to copyright in India are given under the Copyright Act, 1957. The main goal of Copyright registration in Bangalore is to encourage and provide an incentive to the authors or creators to make or create new works. The copyright of any work offers benefits to the author or creator as well as the public. The author receives certain monetary rewards for creation of work .Copyright registration in Bangalore allows the owner to claim the work and to overcome the piracy issues. It allows the user to get the legal evidence of the ownership and the work which is made by the applicant by putting his or her own effort should not go in vain. Hence registration is done under the copyright laws. It gives all the right to perform the work in the public. It leads to monetary gain and it can be shared between the partners if there is a legal agreement made between the co-owners.

Advantages of Copyright Registration in Bangalore

  • The creator has full rights to make use of the Copyright. It is a private right.
  • The creator can sell his work. There are so many options to the copyright owner to involve into the contractual agreements.
  • If a work has been completed by various authors, then they are also considered as partners of the copyright.
  • The copyright can be transferred according to the Copyright Law.
  • After legal registration, the Copyright certificate will be provided to the owner

Documents required for copyright registration

  • Applicant’s name, address and nationality need to be specified
  • When the creator is different from the applicant, an acknowledgement needs to be signed by the author.
  • Two Copies of work.
  • Title of the work.
  • Language of the work.
  • A declaration signed by the author
  • In case of the software, source code and object code of the work for the verification.
  • DD/IPO of Rs (applicable) per work.
  • Author must provide NOC, if the publisher is different.