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AEPC Registration in Bangalore

Smartcorp offers cost-effective online AEPC Registration in Bangalore, operating in key areas like Koramangala, Malleswaram, Rajaji Nagar, and Richmond Town. Our experienced team ensures a smooth and timely AEPC registration process, covering various legal registration services across Bangalore with over 10 years of expertise.

AEPC Registration in Bangalore holds immense significance. The Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) has established a platform where Indian apparel exporters showcase their products year-round, allowing global brands and buyers to place orders. This platform enables seamless communication between buyers and exhibitors through video calls and WhatsApp chats, facilitating product display and discussions.

AEPC anticipates a substantial 40% growth in India's apparel exports, particularly supported by new developments in medical textiles. Recognizing the need for enhanced design and processing, AEPC is establishing a dedicated R&D centre at its Gurugram-based Apparel House. This initiative aims to streamline research activities in diverse technology processing and sample development.

Explore AEPC Registration online services by Smartcorp for streamlined processes and access to a dynamic platform fostering global apparel trade.

Documents Required For AEPC Registration in Bangalore

To get AEPC registration online:

  • photocopy of your IEC (Import Export Code).
  • Provide a photocopy of MOA, Partnership Deed, or Certificate of Registrar for a firm.
  • For Manufacturing Exporters, include a copy of the SSI Certificate or Industrial License.
  • Also, submit a Letter of Intent and Industrial License issued by the Authorized Person.

These documents are crucial for the online AEPC registration process and ensure compliance with the required regulations.

Objectives of AEPC Registration in Bangalore

  • Our mission involves boosting apparel exports and enhancing various ready-made garment exports, excluding leather, jute, and woollen knitwear.
  • We consistently provide crucial information on pricing, policies, subsidies, and market dynamics to businesses. We support manufacturers by empowering their workforce with essential skills.
  • We offer specialized training to garment employers, enhancing their skills and expertise.
  • We assist exporters by providing financial aid and valuable insights into government schemes and plans.
  • Benefit from our efforts to boost exports, empower the workforce, and provide essential information and support for garment businesses.

Thus, AEPC registration in Bangalore is necessary.

Benefits of AEPC:

  • AEPC facilitates participation in both domestic and international fairs for individuals.
  • Members benefit from workshops, seminars, and lectures, staying abreast of current trends, techniques, and market insights.
  • Access industry statistics, publications, and articles to stay updated on global apparel industry developments.
  • AEPC offers free product listings on its B2B e-Marketplace portal, allowing members to showcase products globally, fostering genuine business opportunities.
  • Leverage AEPC's support for fair participation, knowledge enhancement, global exposure, and authentic business opportunities.

These are the benefits obtained, when AEPC registration online is done effectively.