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ESI & PF registration in Coimbatore

Smartcorp offers expert-guided ESI registration services in Coimbatore. ESI, or Employee State Insurance, is a comprehensive social security scheme designed to protect employees against sickness, workplace injuries, disabilities, and maternity-related needs. It ensures medical care for insured employees and their families, aiming to provide organized sector employees with social security. An employee's major concern during medical leave is often the lack of wages. ESI registration in Coimbatore is vital as it provides multiple benefits under this scheme, offering crucial financial support to employees during challenging times.


Any establishment in Coimbatore with over 10 employees needs ESIC registration. In certain states, registration is required for establishments with over 20 employees. Various entities such as shops, cinemas, restaurants, private medical and educational institutions, as well as newspaper and road motor transport establishments fall under Section 1(5) of the ESI Act. Therefore, ESI registration in Coimbatore is vital for all such establishments.

Documents for ESIC registration

For Coimbatore-based establishments, ESIC registration in Coimbatore is necessary if they have more than 10 employees. In specific states, establishments with over 20 employees must also register. This requirement applies to various entities like shops, cinemas, restaurants, private medical and educational institutions, and road motor transport establishments listed under Section 1(5) of the ESI Act. Hence, ESI registration in Coimbatore is crucial for these establishments.

EPFO registration

The Employee Provident Fund, managed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), serves as a retirement benefit for all salaried workers. According to the legal framework, any organization with 20 employees in Coimbatore must be registered, making it a valuable savings avenue for employees.


Businesses with over 20 employees are entitled to register with EPFO in Coimbatore. Both employers and employees contribute 12% of the employee's base salary to the EPF, which also includes dearness allowance. Smaller businesses with fewer than 20 employees may opt for voluntary registration, with a 10% EPF contribution from both sides.

Documents required

The EPF registration process in Coimbatore requires the following documents:

  • PAN details
  • Business name and address
  • Date of company incorporation
  • Details of directors and partners, including names, addresses, and titles
  • Office and branch information
  • Incorporation certificates

PF registration

The Provident Fund, managed by the Employee Provident Funds Organization (EPFO) under the Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952, applies to businesses employing 20 or more people. UAN, Universal Account Number, is a crucial identifier for employees and employers. It centralizes all PF accounts under one UAN, making UAN registration in Coimbatore essential.

With UAN, EPFO services are more accessible and user-friendly. Registered members can log in using their UAN and password to manage their accounts. After UAN registration in Coimbatore, activating the UAN is equally important. UAN, issued by the Ministry of Labor & Employment, is unique to each EPFO member throughout their service.

Smartcorp's professionals effectively handle UAN registration in Coimbatore. As each member is entitled to only one UAN, it becomes mandatory to access EPFO portal services. Therefore, UAN registration in Coimbatore is a necessary step for EPFO membership.