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EEPC Registration

Smartcorp provides EEPC Registration for businesses engaged in engineering-related production or trading for exports.

Established in 1955, EEPC (Engineering Export Promotion Council) primarily supports the investment and promotional needs of the thriving engineering sector. Sponsored by India's Ministry of Commerce and Industry, EEPC acts as a liaison between the engineering industry and the government, advising on policy formulation.

In 2020-2021, EEPC made a significant contribution to the growth of India's engineering goods exports, supporting over 13,000 members, including small and Micro Enterprises. The council actively assists Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) by providing investment, technology, and promotion information through expos and publications. Online EEPC Registration offers added advantages such as credibility when applying for working capital loans, export bill discounting, trade finances, etc.

Benefit from EEPC Registration with Smartcorp for credibility and support in accessing various financial opportunities for your business.

Documents required for EEPC Registration

For online EEPC registration , you'll need:

  • A self-certified copy of the incorporation certificate, including the Import-Export Code issued by the Licensing authority.
  • A certificate from a Chartered Accountant, verifying the previous year's export turnover (FOB value in Rupees). If there were no exports in the preceding year, a NIL certificate can be provided.
  • A cancelled cheque displaying bank details like name, branch, and IFSC Code.
  • Provide a list of partners/Directors along with their residential addresses.

For manufacturing applicants,

  • submit a self-attested photocopy of the Industrial License,
  • Registration Certificate Number & Date of issue.
  • Include the SSI certificate.
  • A certificate confirming compliance with the MSME Act 2006.
  • An NOC (No Objection Certificate) for Indirect Export.

These documents are essential for your EEPC registration online and ensuring compliance with the necessary regulations.

Benefits of EEPC Registration

Online EEPC registration offers numerous advantages:

  • Access to EEPC's global infrastructure benefits worldwide.
  • Support in availing Government Export Promotion schemes.
  • Participation opportunity in INDEE, EEPC's renowned global exhibition.
  • Engagement in buyer-seller meets, online trade leads, and tender invitations via email.
  • Free access to global project information, tenders, market stats, forex rates, etc., through EEPC's weekly magazines.
  • Access to statistical reports on imports and exports from various countries.
  • Visa assistance for business trips.
  • Essential publicity campaigns and regular market survey reports undertaken by EEPC.
  • Dissemination of crucial trade information, especially on tender projects, to member exporters.
  • Experience these benefits by registering with EEPC for enhanced market access and business opportunities.

Thus, these benefits are obtained when EEPC registration is done.