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OPC registration

Smartcorp is the top choice for OPC registration. An OPC, or One Person Company, is defined by Section 2(62) and has a single shareholder as its member. It is a preferred choice for many entrepreneurs because of its numerous advantages.

One notable benefit of OPC is its streamlined financial reporting—its statements don't require a cash flow statement. Additionally, unlike other company types, there's no need for a company secretary to sign annual returns, easing administrative burdens. Directors in OPCs can receive higher remuneration compared to other company structures, and certain meeting-related provisions and quorum requirements do not apply. AGMs (Annual General Meetings) are also not mandatory.

Online OPC registration plays a pivotal role in business sustainability within the competitive market. OPCs can seek funding from banks and financial institutions, with their liabilities limited to the value of their shares. The incorporation process has minimal requirements, particularly beneficial for small-scale industries. Importantly, an OPC with online OPC registration is a distinct legal entity and can be converted into a private limited company. To transition, the OPC must notify the ROC (Registrar of Companies) using Form INC 5 upon reaching the set limit and file Form INC 6 for conversion.

Changes in OPC membership can be filed through Form INC 4. Smartcorp's OPC registration services excel due to our trained and experienced professionals, ensuring a seamless process for our clients. Our expertise ensures compliance and efficiency, making us the ideal choice for OPC registration.

Documents required for OPC Registration

  • The directors' DIN (Director Identification Number) and
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), along with the
  • E-PAN and
  • TAN, are essential for OPC registration.
  • MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Articles of Association) outline its objectives and rules.
  • Address prooF
  • Aadhar card
  • Other identification documents for the directors are also required during the registration process.

Benefits of Registration

Registering an online OPC registration brings many advantages:

  • Easy access to funding
  • Becomes its own legal entity
  • Needs minimal prerequisites
  • Allows for sole ownership
  • Builds greater trusT

Choose OPC because

  • Just one member needed.
  • Not impacted by member changes or death.
  • Simple to establish and manage.
  • Reduces member liabilities.
  • Needs very little paperwork.