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Patent Registration

Smartcorp, a renowned consultant, adheres to patent laws and provides patent registration services. Our team of professionals is committed to guiding you through the patent registration process. Patent registration is essential for safeguarding an invention. India's Patent Act governs the use of patents in the country, primarily focusing on protecting inventions and granting exclusive rights to their owners for use and sale. To be eligible for patent registration, an invention must relate to manufacturing, demonstrate inventiveness, and serve a practical purpose while also meeting moral standards.

Smartcorp is a highly regarded consultant for patent registration. Typically, the patent application is submitted by the inventor, the legal representative of a deceased inventor, or an assignee to whom the inventor transferred rights. Online patent registration offers two significant benefits: recognition and financial rewards to the inventor, and the public disclosure of the invention, providing benefits to all. Patents in India are regulated by the Indian Patent Law of 1940. Registering patents through Smartcorp not only honors inventors but also contributes to the nation's recognition.

Documents needed for Patent registration

  • Application Form-1
  • Form 2 includes copies of Provisional and Complete Specifications of the patent
  • A copy of the abstract and relevant invention information provided by the party
  • Form 3 detailing the filing date and current status of each foreign patent application
  • The priority document
  • Declaration of Inventorship using Form 5
  • If filed through a patent agent, a power of attorney is required
  • Payment of required fees through DD/Cheque

Benefits of Patent registration

The benefits of online Patent registration include:

  • Safeguarding the invention
  • Minimizing competition
  • Encouraging settlements
  • Allowing owners to earn higher profits
  • Providing complete control over returns

Procedure for Patent Registration

  • Checking for Patentability/Novelty
  • Creating Patent Drafts
  • Submitting Patent Applications
  • Publication of the Patent
  • Seeking Examination
  • Receipt of Examination Report