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Spice Board Registration Service Providers

Smartcorp has been a prominent consultant for Spice Board Registration since 2010. The Spice Board functions as a regulatory and export promotion council for India's spice industry, established in 1987 under the Cardamom Board (1968) and Spices Export Promotion Council

The board supervises the production and growth of cardamom and encourages the export of 52 spices listed in the Act's schedule. After completing online Spice Board Registration, no individual can start or continue the export business of any spice without authorization. Those involved in spice export before the Act's commencement can continue for three months. Within this period, they must apply for registration, pay the prescribed fee, and provide certain details to obtain certification.

Main Functions of Spice Board

  • They oversee research, development, and regulation of domestic marketing for small and large cardamom.
  • They handle post-harvest improvements for all spices, promote and certify organic spice products, and focus on the development of spices from North Eastern regions.
  • Their responsibilities also include quality assurance,
  • Export promotion, and support for technology, quality, brand promotion, research, and product development in the spice industry.

Documents Required for Spice Board Registration

  • Completed application form (Form-1)
  • Self-attested copy of the IE (import-export) code certificate
  • Registration fee in the form of a crossed Demand Draft made payable to the Spice Board
  • Confidential bank certificate in the prescribed format
  • Partnership deed or Memorandum and Articles of Association is necessary for online Spice board registration.
  • Self-certified copy of the GST registration certificate
  • For manufacturers-exporters of spices, a self-attested certificate issued by the Directorate of Industries
  • Self-certified copy of the PAN card
  • Passport-size photo of the CEO or designated officer with a white background.

Benefits Of Spice Board Registration

  • The board engages in domestic marketing research, development, and regulation.
  • It actively promotes trade initiatives.
  • The board conducts product development and research activities.