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Design Registration in Coimbatore

Smartcorp facilitates design registration in Coimbatore, catering to innovative business designs. Acknowledged as a leading service provider, our firm now operates in areas including Racecourse, Selvapuram, Ukkadam, Podanur, Perur, and Sulur. Design registration grants exclusive rights to owners, covering three-dimensional aspects like shape, configuration, as well as two-dimensional patterns or ornaments. It encompasses engineered designs, architectural plans, and various professional creations, governed by the Designs Act 2000.

In Coimbatore, our service focuses on registering essential designs. Notably, national symbols, flags, buildings, and structures can't be registered. A design holds significant marketing value for companies, acting as a key asset. Popularity can result in profitable business opportunities, enhancing competitiveness. Initial registration spans 10 years, extendable by another 5 years. Opting for online design registration in Coimbatore through Smartcorp ensures a comprehensive process from initiation to completion for all applicants.

Documents needed for Design registration in Coimbatore

Below are the documents required for online Design registration:

  • Identity Proofs: Such as Voter ID, Aadhar Card, or PAN Card of the applicant.
  • Address Proofs: Utility bills or similar documents verifying the applicant's address.
  • Article Details: Name and classification.
  • Design Representation: Designs presented on A4 sheets or similar.
  • Priority Details: If the applicant is claiming priority for the design.
  • Assignment Details: If applicable.

  • Power of Attorney (POA):

  • Four copies of Design Perspectives: Photographs identical to the design intended for registration.

  • For Design Registration:

  • Non-Judicial Stamp Paper: Valued at INR 100, duly signed by company members.

  • Supporting Information Sheet:

  • Includes details about the design, evidence of first use, and priority.

Benefits of Design registration in Coimbatore

  • Protection: Shields designs from being copied by competitors.
  • Investment Returns: Aids in securing fair returns on investments.
  • Commercial Value: Elevates the commercial worth of the company's designs.
  • Licensing Opportunity: Allows licensed use and easy market entry for registered designs.
  • Product Diversity: Encourages the production of a wide range of products.