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Design Registration

Design registration in Coimbatore through smartcorp is done for the innovative design which can be used in the business. Smartcorp has been nominated as the best service provider in the city who assist in all aspects of the design registration services. Our prestigious form has now established its services in places like Racecourse, Selvapuram, Ukkadam, Podanur, perur and Sulur. It gives the exclusive rights to the owner and the design can have three-dimensional features such as shape, configuration, or two dimensional objects which has features of the pattern or the ornament. Design registration contains designs which are created by the professionals that include engineered designs, architectures and blueprints. Now at present the design laws are maintained by the Designs Act 2000.

Design registration in Coimbatore through smartcorp is done for the designs which are the most inevitable element. The signs, emblems and the flags of other countries, structures and buildings cannot be registered as design. For a company to run the business, the design has attractive marketing feature. It acts as an asset. When the design attains certain level of popularity, it will bring profitable business to the holder. The design has an element which increases the competitiveness of a company and the initial period of the design registration is 10 years and can be extended to a period of 5 years. The design registration in Coimbatore through smartcorp is the best choice for all the applicants where the registration process is followed throughout from start to end.

Documents needed for Design registration in Coimbatore

  • Identity proofs of the applicant like voter ID, Aadhar card, PAN card
  • Address proofs of the applicant like utility bills
  • Name and classification of the article
  • Representation of the design say- designs drawn on the A4 sheet
  • Details of the priority when the applicant is claiming the priority of the design
  • Assignment details if applicable.
  • POA

    Non-judicial stamp paper of INR 100 and duly signed by members of the company.

  • Registration of Design

    Four copies of the Design perspective like photographs, which is exactly similar to the design to be registered.

  • Supporting Info Sheet

    Details of the design and the proofs of first use and priority

Benefits of Design registration in Coimbatore

The design registration in Coimbatore has the following benefits.

  • Registration provides the protection for the designs from being copied by the competitors.
  • When registered, it contributes in obtaining the fair return on the investments.
  • It increases the commercial values of the company.
  • The registered design can be licensed and can enter into the market easily.
  • It promotes the production of diverse range of the products.