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Patent Registration

Smartcorp is nominated as the best consultant in the city who adheres the laws of patent and assist in the patent registration services. Our firm has now extending its services in various places like Saibaba Colony, RS Puram, Ramnagar, Thondamuthur and Ganapathy Pudhur. We have group of professionals to assist in patent registration services; and watch throughout the process by our dedicated employees. Patent registration in Coimbatore is an inevitable task for an invention. The Patent Act in India is the legislation of the country which controls the use of patents. The main purpose of patent registration is to protect the invention and it provides exclusive rights to the owner to sell and use the invention. The patent registration is done to the inventions in which the invention should relate to the manner of manufacture. The invention should be the outcome of the inventive activity and should contain utility. The invention should not be contrary to the laws of morality.

Smartcorp is the most searched consultant in the city who actively takes part in the patent registration. Patent registration application shall be filed by the inventor, or legal representative of the deceased person who was an inventor or assignee to whom the inventor has assigned the rights to file the patent. The grant of the patent when applied gives two benefits. Firstly it gives the recognition and monetary incentive to the inventor. Secondly the invention is made public and allows everyone to enjoy the benefits. In India the patents are governed by Indian patent Law 1940. The patent registration service in Coimbatore is done with smartcorp which in turn brings the honour and recognition to the nation.

Documents needed for Patent registration in Coimbatore

  • Application Form-1
  • Form 2 has the Copies of Provisional and Complete Specification of patent
  • Copy of abstract and relevant information of the invention made by the party.
  • Form 3 which highlights the filing date, current status of each foreign patent application
  • The priority document
  • Declaration of inventor ship through Form 5.
  • If it is filed through patent agent, then power of attorney should be given
  • Required fees should be paid in DD/Cheque.

Benefits of Patent registration in Coimbatore

The Patent registration in Coimbatore has the following benefits.

  • The registration protects the invention
  • The registration reduces the competition
  • It encourages the settlement.
  • The owner can avail higher profit margin
  • It authorizes complete freedom of returns.

Procedure for Patent Registration

  • Patentability/Novelty Search
  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent Filing
  • Publication
  • Request for Examination
  • Issuance of Examination Report