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Copyright Registration

Our Smartcorp have been chosen as the best consultant in the city by the people who are our advertisers. Our reputable firm has now extended its wings in various places in the city like North Coimbatore, Vadavalli, Chettipalayam, Hopes- Avinashi road, and Saravanampatti. We have group of professionals in Coimbatore who work for the best satisfactory of our clients; since we are aware that Copyright registration also endows the moral rights. Copyright registration in Coimbatore with smartcorp is the best consultant and choosing the same is the best decision of the applicant to undergo copyright registration services. Copyright is one of the intellectual property that the creator owns for the created work. The author or the creator is the first owner of the work. Many of the artistically created works like literary, music, sound, cinematography films, etc are registered under the copyright laws. The Copyright registration gives economic rights to the public and the rights to communicate the work. Also the registration gives the rights to adapt and translate the work. The owner has all the rights to sue the infringer and can claim the damages.

Smartcorp provides best copyrights registration service in Coimbatore at an affordable cost. The copyright registration includes the rights to reproduce, translate and adaptation of the work. The registration allows to sell or pass the rights of the work. It allows the user to get the legal evidence of the ownership and the work which is made by the applicant by putting his or her own effort should not go in vain. Hence registration is done under the copyright laws. It gives all the right to perform the work in the public. The computer programs can also be copyrighted so that the author has all the rights to sell or rent the work. Copyright registration in Coimbatore with smartcorp is the best chosen consultant in the city who assists in the registration services with well trained professionals.

Documents needed for Copyright registration in Coimbatore

  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant
  • Nature of the applicant’s interest in the copyright like Owner/License
  • Title of the work
  • A declaration signed by the author
  • 2 copies of the work
  • NOC from the publisher if work published and the publisher is different from the applicant
  • If the applicant has filed the through attorney, then the power of attorney which is originally duly signed.
  • In case of the software, source code and object code of the work for the verification.
  • DD/IPO of Rs (applicable) per work.

Benefits of Copyright registration in Coimbatore

The copyright registration in Coimbatore has the following benefits. They are,

  • It prevents the user from monetary loss.
  • It gives legal protection.
  • By registering the work, it protects the reputation of the user.
  • It fosters the atmosphere of creativity and the innovation.
  • Also the music companies can create music without being worried of copying and distributed without any consent.