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Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership firm registration in Coimbatore is done through smartcorp which is helpful in raising the credibility among the public. We the Smartcorp has been nominated as the best consultancy in providing partnership firm registration services. Our reputed firm has now extended its services in various places like Keeranatham, Saravanampatti, Kalapati, Madhukarai and Thadagam. A firm or company is the one which has been established between two or more partners who have agreed to share both profit and loss. The most important aspect in partnership firm is ‘partnership deed’ which is the legal document. It can be used for the formation of the partnership firm and it is registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932. The business should be carried away on the partnership basis and it must be always lawful. The liability of all the partners are unlimited and also each and every partner acts as the agent of the firm. When any of the contracts are made in the name of firm, then all the partners are responsible for it. Also the partners cannot transfer their shares to others without the consent of the other partners in the panel.

The partnership firm registration in Coimbatore is done well up to the satisfaction of the customers. The partnership firm can be formed without much cost. Thus the formation is easy. Obviously the firm consists of two or more persons and therefore it can secure more capital. When two or more people combine their skills, their talent also gets combined. There is possibility of division of labour and it consist of different departments; hence each and every partner takes care of all the departments. All the partners take part in the management activities. So there is equal contribution from all the partners. The changes in the business can be adopted much easier hence there is flexibility in the partnership firm. The partnership firm registration in Coimbatore creates credibility among the market and the public. As the financial resources can be raised, business expansion is also possible with this.`

Documents required for Partnership Firm Registration

  • Partnership deed signed by all the partners
  • Address proofs of all the partners
  • PAN card of all the partners
  • PAN card of the company
  • Address proof of the firm
  • If the location is on rent, then NOC from the landlord is important
  • Form No 1 which is duly filled, court fee and stamp affixed on it.
  • Name of the firm
  • Place where business is carried out
  • Main business activity of the firm

Benefits of Partnership Firm Registration

The Partnership firm registration in Coimbatore has various benefits.

  • The registered firm can take action against the third parties if needed
  • The registration gives powers to file suit against the co-partners
  • There is possibility of conversion of the entity
  • There is higher credibility
  • It enables the partners with power to claim the set-off.