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Trademark Registration

Smartcorp have been nominated as the best consultant and active participant of trademark registration process in the city by the public. Now our firm has extended our wings in various places like Peelamedu, Neelampur, Arasur, Kaniyur, and Karumathampatti in Coimbatore. The eminently progressive Coimbatore city utilizes the world class legal registration services with Smartcorp. The trademark registration in Coimbatore with smartcorp is a straight forward and remarkable task. It includes heading, brand, label or combination of colours. It should be easy to spell, remember and speak. The trademark should be distinctive and its propose is to guarantee the quality. The trademark advertises and represents the products and has become one of the most important intellectual property rights (IPR). The prestige and status of the business are defended by the Trademark. When a person gets the trademark registration, it provides the notice that they have the exclusive rights to use the mark. The mark can be used throughout the territorial limits of the country. Our Smartcorp professionals are well trained to assist in the trademark registration services which is the integral part of the business.

The registration of trademark provides exclusive and incontestable rights regarding its commercial use. It also establishes right to deposit registration with customs so as to prevent the importation of similar mark. Also it provides the basis for filing the trademark application in foreign countries. The trademark law itself is based on two concepts. They are distinctiveness and deceptive similarity. The trademark is used not only to provide the distinctiveness of the product but also to distinct the quality of the product. It is used to promote the goodwill and brand awareness of the product or the services. The registered trademark is an intangible property for the business to protect the company’s investment in the brand. So far, smartcorp provides accurate guidance to the trademark registration service in Coimbatore.

Documents required for trademark registration in coimbatore

  • The name of the applicant.
  • The address and nationality of the applicant.
  • A copy of the brand or logo or any slogan as desired by the applicant.
  • The identity and the business proofs.
  • Form 48 which is signed by the applicant.
  • In case of any partnership or LLP, then incorporation certificate is needed.

Benefits of trademark registration in coimbatore

The trademark registration in Coimbatore with smartcorp has the following benefits. They are:

  • The trademark is helpful to differentiate the goods and services from that of their competitors.
  • The consumers are able to identify their business.
  • It provides the credit to the source of the goods and also guarantees its quality.
  • It is the information carrier of goods which is used as competing tool in the market.
  • It gives the protection against the infringement.

Functions of Trademark Registration

  • It identifies the goods and its origin
  • It ensures unchanged quality of the products/services.
  • It advertise the products efficiently
  • It creates good image for the goods