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Trademark Registration

Smartcorp is recognized as a top consultant for trademark registration. We provide simple trademark registration services for brand names, labels, or color combinations that are easy to remember and spell. A trademark should be distinctive and ensure quality, as it is a crucial part of intellectual property rights, safeguarding a business's reputation.

Trademark registration provides exclusive rights for commercial use, helping prevent similar imports and supporting applications in foreign countries. It's rooted in distinctiveness and avoiding deceptive similarities, ensuring uniqueness and quality. A trademark serves not only to distinguish products but also to boost brand recognition and goodwill.

A trademark with online trademark registration is invaluable, protecting a company's investment in its brand. At Smartcorp, we offer expert guidance for trademark registration, ensuring businesses secure their assets effectively.

Documents required for trademark registration

Required for online trademark registration:

  • Applicant's name and address along with nationality.
  • A copy of the desired brand, logo, or slogan.
  • Proof of identity and business.
  • Signed Form 48 by the applicant.
  • For partnerships or LLPs, an incorporation certificate is necessary.

Benefits of trademark registration

Trademark registration via Smartcorp offers several advantages:

  • Helps distinguish products and services from competitors.
  • Enables consumers to recognize the business easily.
  • Provides credibility to the origin and quality of goods.
  • Serves as an informative tool and competitive asset in the market.
  • Offers protection against infringement."

Functions of Trademark Registration

  • Identifies the goods and their origin.
  • Ensures consistent quality of products/services.
  • Efficiently promotes the products.
  • Builds a positive image for the goods.