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Online LLP Registration

LLP registration in Coimbatore is done through Smartcorp since llp is one of the most common type of company formations in India. Smartcorp is one of the most efficient consultant in the city which takes part in LLP registration. Our firm has extended its wings in various places like Avinashi, Sulur, Pollachi, Udumalpet and Malumichampatti. LLP is Limited Liability Partnership which has been governed by Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. The LLP is a separate legal entity and it has perpetual succession. Transferring the ownership in LLP is also easy. If LLPs have capital amount less than 25 lakh and the turnover below 40 lakh, it does not requires formal audit. LLP is recognized as juristic person so that it can acquire property and in LLP, directors are different from shareholders. The main aspect of llp is that, if there is only one person in the firm then he/she can find the other person without dissolution. Also the partners in the LLP have the rights to manage the business directly.

LLP registration in Coimbatore is done by the Smartcorp professionals accurately. From the traditional forms of the company registrations, the LLPs differ in such a way that one person is not liable for any misconduct of the other person. Also it provides the limited liability safety for the owners of the LLP from the debts. So, similar to private limited company the LLP can also enjoy the limited liability protection. It is one of the simplest form of the business hence most of the entrepreneurs prefer Limited Liability Partnership. There is no minimum capital contribution needed. For the incorporation of the LLP, minimum 2 directors are required and there is no upper limit. LLP registration in Coimbatore is the most preferred form of business and it is more flexible than any other forms of the business.

Documents required for LLP Registration in Coimbatore

  • Latest passport sized photographs
  • Identity proofs of each partner like voter Id, Aadhar card
  • PAN of all the partners
  • Address proof of the partners like telephone bill, electricity bill
  • If the place is on rent then rental agreement or NOC from the landlord is needed.
  • Bank statement

Benefits of LLP Registration in Coimbatore

The LLP registration in Coimbatore has several benefits.

  • Dividend tax in not present in case of LLP
  • The ownership in LLP can be easily transferred
  • Both the partners and the LLP can give loans to each other
  • There is minimal compliance
  • It is a separate legal entity.

Features of Limited liability partnership

  • The LLP has a separate single entity
  • Minimum two partners should be there
  • No requirement for initial capital contribution
  • Limited liability
  • There is no principal- agency relationship