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IEC  Registration

Getting an IE Code registration is essential for anyone starting an export business in India. This code, also known as the Import Export Code, is crucial for business growth, especially in emerging industrial hubs, allowing access to global markets. Smartcorp is a top legal service firm that can assist with IE Code registration.

The IE Code is mandated by the Indian government's Foreign Trade policy, making it necessary for any commercial import or export activities. Without a valid IE Code, conducting trade becomes illegal in India. Obtaining this ten-digit code from DGFT is a prerequisite for individuals and companies engaging in import and export businesses.

Traders, manufacturers, or anyone involved in commercial import/export must hold an Import Export Code. Customs clearance for goods is dependent on having this code. Online IE Code registration facilitates smoother financial transactions and shipping processes for exporters. Smartcorp, with its legal expertise, has successfully managed numerous IE Code registrations across Tamil Nadu. This service streamlines the process, ensuring businesses meet the necessary legal requirements for international trade.

Documents Required For IE code Registration

To apply, provide the following:

  • PAN card copy of the firm.
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card.
  • Recent electricity bill.
  • Cancelled check copy from the current Bank Account.

Benefits of IE code registration

  • Expanding Business:
    : Acquiring an Import Export Code aids business expansion.
  • No Return Filing:
    There's no requirement for return filing.
  • No Renewal Needed:
    IE code registration offers lifetime validity, eliminating the need for renewal.
  • Simplified Documentation:
    The documentation process for IE code registration is straightforward.
  • PAN-Based Registration:
    The organization's PAN card is essential for IEC registration.

Reasons to Register IE Code

  • IE Code for Importers

    Importers bringing goods into India need an IE Code.

  • No Further Filing Needed

    Once the IE Code is issued, no additional procedures are necessary to maintain its validity.