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Legal Metrology Certification in Coimbatore

Smartcorp provides affordable and efficient Legal Metrology Certification services in Coimbatore. Our highly skilled professionals offer comprehensive assistance in various registrations, serving in Singanallur, Ondipudhur, Kannampalayam, Sulur, and Gandhipuram. As a leading consultancy in Coimbatore, we cover all aspects of Legal Metrology Certification, ensuring compliance with measurement standards and instruments.

This certificate obtained through online Legal Metrology Certification in Coimbatore verifies and calibrates weights, measures, fuel pumps, and weighing instruments in use within the market and by import/export entities. The Legal Metrology Act 2009, effective from April 1, 2011, standardizes measurement units across the nation, primarily adopting the Metric System (meter, kilogram, etc.). It replaces the older Standards of Weights and Measures Act of 1976.

The certification's purpose in Coimbatore is to regulate the manufacturing, sale, and use of standard weights and measures. It ensures uniform standards for trade and mandates that models of weights and measures be approved before manufacturing or importing. Importers need registration with the relevant authority, while manufacturers, repairers, and sellers must obtain licenses from the Controller.

Legal Metrology Certification in Coimbatore also authorizes Government-approved centres to verify weights and measures. These measures facilitate fair and standardized trade practices.

Documents Required for Legal Metrology Certification in Coimbatore

To apply for legal metrology certificate online, you'll need:

  • Proof of identity
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Industry registration certificate
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Competent Authority
  • Document proving ownership
  • Details of the business constitution if it's a proprietorship or partnership firm
  • Proof of date of birth for the applicant/partners
  • Copy of VAT/CST/GST Registration or
  • Copy of PAN is necessary for legal metrology certificate process online
  • An affidavit stating compliance with legal provisions and Controller's directives.

Benefits of Legal Metrology Certification in Coimbatore

Benefits of online Legal Metrology Certification:

  • Lowers transaction costs
  • Boosts trade contributions
  • Builds customer confidence
  • Minimizes technical trade barriers
  • Safeguards consumer interests
  • Establishes and maintains standards
  • Prevents unfair trade practices
  • Ensures proper functioning of measuring instruments
  • Upholds international standards compliance