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Legal Metrology Certification in Bangalore

Obtain Legal Metrology Certification in Bangalore with Smartcorp's expertise. We extend our trusted services across Koramangala, Malleswaram, M.G.Road, Silkboard, Hosur, and Sarjapur. With over a decade of experience, our adept team ensures seamless and satisfying experiences for clients.

The Legal Metrology Act aims to rectify measurement errors' impact. It details standards for weights, measurements, instruments, and units, ensuring accuracy and safety. Smartcorp streamlines the process of obtaining online Legal Metrology Certification in Bangalore.

Enforced from April 1, 2011, the Legal Metrology Act 2009 safeguards consumer interests. It mandates standards for packaged goods in the Indian market, both manufactured domestically or imported. Compliance with this Act is essential for selling packaged items, covering import and export goods. Adhering to Legal Metrology Act norms not only ensures smooth business operations but also protects consumer rights and establishes a fair measurement system.

What are the categories present in Legal Metrology Certification?

Legal Metrology registration in Bangalore can be applied in two categories:

  • Manufacturer/Packer
  • Importer

Products falling within the weight and measurement category, such as weighing machines and thermometers, require four distinct registrations for Bangalore from the concerned department.

  • Model approval
  • Packaged commodity registration
  • Import license
  • Dealership license

Model Approval: Required specifically for products falling within the weight and measurement category. Submission of product samples is necessary for testing.

Commodity Registration: Mandatory for all packaged goods intended for retail sale to end consumers. Manufacturers or importers need to furnish relevant product details for these packaged items.

Import License: Following model approval, obtaining an Import License for the approved model from the Legal Metrology Department is essential.

Dealer License:If a business deals with both importing and selling products under the same brand name, acquiring a dealership license in Bangalore from the Legal Metrology Department is necessary.