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Legal Metrology Certification in Bangalore

Get Legal Metrology Certification in Bangalore through Smartcorp. Our reputed firm has extended its services in the locations of Koramangala, Malleswaram, M.G.Road, Silkboard, Hosur and Sarjapur. Our team of experts provides guidance during the process of Legal Metrology Certification in Bangalore and our services will be in an enormous way. With 10+ years of experience, we have served several clients in Bangalore and we always focus on customer needs and their satisfaction.

The Legal Metrology act minimizes ill effects of weight and measurement errors. This Act includes a specification of weighing and measuring standards, instruments, units and compulsory requirements with a purpose of ensuring precision and security of the weights and measurements. Smartcorp helps to get Legal metrology certification in Bangalore in a feasible and quick manner.

The Legal Metrology Act 2009 is introduced in order to safeguard consumer interest and rights. It came into force on April 01, 2011, Legal Metrology Act and enforces standards for packaged products. All packaged products which are manufactured/ imported and sold in packed form in the Indian market should follow the rules and regulations of the Legal Metrology Act. The Legal Metrology Act has certain standards and regulations on selling and distribution of packaged goods. This act also covers import and export goods. To conduct the business operations efficiently and in a smooth manner, in order to establish consumer or buyer rights protection, there is a need to comply with the act defining the legal metrology and measurement system.

What are the categories present in Legal Metrology Certification?

Legal Metrology registration can be applied in two categories

  • Manufacturer/Packer
  • Importer

Products which pertain to the weight & measurement category like weighing machine, thermometer falls under the category of weight & measurement which needs to take four different registrations from the department.

  • Model Approval
  • Packaged Commodity Registration
  • Import License
  • Dealership License

Model Approval: It is applicable only on products falling under weight & measurement category. We need to submit the sample for the testing of products.

Commodity Registration: This is applicable to all the packaged commodities, which are to be retailed to end consumers. Manufacturers/Importers need to provide relevant product information on packaged goods.

Import License: After model approval is given, we should apply for an Import License for that approved model which is given by the Legal Metrology Department.

License: If any business man deals with importing and selling products with the same brand name then the person must get the dealership license from the Legal Metrology Department.