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Section 8 Company Registration in Bangalore

Section 8 Company registration in Bangalore is done by our legal experts in an ethical way and we have expanded our services in Sadhashivanagar, Yeswanthpur, Kengeri, Majestic, Electronic city and in Bommanahalli. Section 8 company registration is called as Non-Governmental organizations or Non- profit firm.These organizations or companies are formed for social welfare. It is not like other limited companies namely private, public, or one person which is registered under Companies Act. Section 8 company registration does not require much share capital.The members of the company will get zero benefits or any advantages out of the company. It can only be reimbursed for their pocket expenses that might have occurred in the course. The members of the company have limited liabilities and the Section 8 Company can function only if they have obtained license from the Central government

Section 25 Company registration in Bangalore can be a combination of persons formed by promotional activities. It can be incorporated as Public or Private Company having a limited liability under the Companies Act 1956. The necessary funds for carrying the business are brought in the name of donations from its members and public. Section 8 Company does not aim to make profit. Their objective is to work for charity purposes. They have no intension to make profit out of their works. They work towards causes like culture, science and research, sports, religion, etc.

Section 8 Company registration in Bangalore can be formed only after receiving the necessary licence from the Central Government, which imposes certain terms and conditions while granting the approval. In case if the company fails to comply with the terms and conditions at any point of time, the license can be cancelled. Section 25 Companies are not needed to add the suffix Limited or Private Limited at the end of their name. Depending upon the nature of business, the Government of India has relaxed the application of various provisions of the Companies Act on such companies. The Government can also have the power to abrogate the license as well. Only when they have the registration under government norms, they can have the privileges.

What are the Documents Required for Section 8 Company Registration ?

For Section 8

  • Copy of the PAN card of the promoters
  • Copy of Aadhaar card or voter ID for Identity Proof
  • Copy of Utility Bill ,Property tax for Address
  • If the location is on rent then NOC from the owner of the land is necessary
  • Latest passport sized photograph
  • Consent to act as Director DIR2
  • Director’s directorship details.

For Section 25 Company

  • Copy of the PAN card of the promoters
  • Copy of Aadhar card , voter ID for Identity proof
  • Copy of Telephone bill, bank statement for Address proof
  • DSC of the Directors
  • Form 24A and Statement of assets and liabilities.