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Patent Registration in Bangalore

A patent registration in Bangalore is a crucial one. Smartcorp provides patent registration in Bangalore at an affordable cost and in an effective manner. We are expanding our services in JP Nagar, M.G.Road, H.S.R layout and Jaya Nagar. We have done several Patent registrations for the booming companies in order to encourage the new innovations. With 10+ years of experience we have become very familiar among public. Our expert team provides endless support throughout the process. We are one of the best legal service providers in Bangalore. Providing quality of services is our main goal. We have successfully drafted and prosecuted patent applications for many fortune companies, law firms, academic institutions, and individual inventors in the country.

Patent registration in Bangalore will be done for the true and first inventor and the assignee or the legal representative of the inventor is also entitled to file it. India's latest series of amendments to its Patent Rules are likely to hugely benefit start-ups and small entities who are seeking patent protection for their inventions. Patent can be filed either individually or jointly. The applicant can be a citizen of any country and it is a right that is granted to an individual or organization. Patent registration in Bangalore is made to protect the ideas of the inventor and to establish those ideas. IP laws are implemented to avoid the patent infringement. Painting, writing, music, poems, mainly the novel invention can be safeguarded by the Patent registration

Documents needed for Patent registration in Bangalore

  • Application Form-1
  • Form 2 has the Copies of Provisional and Complete Specification of patent
  • Copy of abstract and relevant information of the invention made by the party.
  • Form 3 which includes the date of filing, current status of each patent application
  • The priority document
  • Declaration of inventor ship through Form 5.

Benefits of Patent registration in Bangalore

  • The patent protects the novel invention
  • It encourages the settlement.
  • The owner can avail higher profit margin
  • It authorizes complete freedom of returns
  • Allows public disclosure
  • The inventor will have the gift of exclusivity.
  • Gives a good market status

Procedure for Patent Registration

  • Patentability/Novelty Search
  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent Filing
  • Publication
  • Request for Examination
  • Issuance of Examination Report