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Patent Registration in Bangalore

Securing an online patent registration in Bangalore is a vital step. Smartcorp offers affordable and efficient patent registration services in various regions, including JP Nagar, M.G.Road, H.S.R layout, and Jaya Nagar. With over a decade of experience, we've gained recognition for our exceptional services and continuous support throughout the registration process. Our aim is to deliver top-notch services, and we've successfully assisted numerous renowned companies, law firms, institutions, and individual inventors across the country.

Patent registration in Bangalore is open to both the true inventor and their legal representatives or assignees. Recent amendments to India's Patent Rules particularly benefit start-ups and small entities seeking patent protection. Patents can be filed individually or jointly by citizens of any country, granting exclusive rights to individuals or organizations. The primary goal of patent registration is to safeguard inventors' ideas and establish ownership. Intellectual property laws play a crucial role in preventing patent infringement, protecting a wide range of creations such as paintings, writings, music, and innovative inventions.

Documents needed for Patent registration in Bangalore

  • Form 1: The patent registration application form
  • Form 2: Includes copies of both Provisional and Complete Specification of the patent Copy of abstract and pertinent information regarding the invention provided by the party.
  • Form 3: Contains the filing date and current status of each patent application
  • The priority document
  • Declaration of Inventorship through Form 5

Benefits of Patent registration in Bangalore

  • The patent safeguards new inventions
  • It promotes resolution of disputes
  • Enables higher profit margins for the owner
  • Grants full control over returns Facilitates public disclosure
  • Provides the inventor with exclusive rights
  • Enhances market credibility

Procedure for Patent Registration

  • Search for Patentability/Novelty
  • Drafting of Patent
  • Filing for Patent
  • Publication of Patent
  • Requesting Examination
  • Receipt of Examination Report