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Spice Board Registration in Bangalore

Smartcorp provides affordable Spice Board Registration services in Bangalore, covering key areas like Bellandur, Yelahanka, Hebbal, K.R.puram, and more. Our experienced team ensures seamless registration processes and has a decade-long track record of successful registrations. We offer a one-stop platform for various legal registrations in Bangalore.

India, being a significant producer of spices, holds a crucial place in the global spice market. Spices are extensively used in culinary practices and the domestic demand is consistently growing.

Online Spice Board Registration in Bangalore, formed in 1987, amalgamates the former Cardamom Board (1968) and Spices Export Promotion Council (1960). It operates autonomously, promoting the export of 52 scheduled spices in India, including the development of Small & Large Cardamom. This registration is vital, facilitating tax unification measures that benefit local dealers in the small cardamom trade within the state.

Documents Required for Spice Board Registration in Bangalore

To complete Spice Board Registration in Bangalore, ensure you have these documents ready:

  • GST registration certificate copy
  • Partnership deed, MOA, or AOA
  • Copy of PAN card and passport-sized photo
  • Self-attested certificate issued by the Directorate of Industries
  • Registration fees via crossed Demand Draft favouring the Spice Board
  • Self-certified partnership deed
  • Self-attested certificate (if you are an exporter of scheduled products)

These documents are essential for a smooth and successful online Spice Board Registration process.

Benefits of Spice Board registration in Bangalore

The Spice Board that can give Spice board registration in Bangalore engages in various vital activities:

  • Enhancing post-harvest processes.
  • Offering quality evaluation services.
  • Conducting research and development.
  • Regulating domestic market activities.
  • Promoting trade within the industry.
  • Driving product development and research initiatives.
  • Documenting trade information.
  • Facilitating exports for exporters.
  • Ensuring quality control and certification processes.

The main functions of the Spice Board India

  • Enhancing post-harvest quality of spices
  • Certification for Organic Production and Processing of Spices
  • Developing spices in North East regions
  • Offering quality evaluation services.