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Spice Board Registration in Bangalore

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India produces several spices. It is the largest exporter of spices commodity- as the spice is a complete consumption item largely utilized in culinary preparation or seasoning of food products and its internal demand is boosting quite steadily.

The Spice Board Registration is introduced on 26th February 1987 among the alliance of the former Cardamom Board (1968) and Spices Export Promotion Council (1960). Spice board registration in Bangalore is an autonomous body that is responsible for export development of 52 scheduled list of spices in India and development of Cardamom (Small & Large). Spice board registration in Bangalore is essential. It has sought measures for the unification of tax rate to facilitate the entry of local dealers in the state to the small cardamom trade.

Documents Required for Spice Board Registration in Bangalore

  • Copy of GST registration certificate
  • Partnership deed or MOA or AOA
  • Copy of PAN card and Passport size photo
  • Self-attested certificate issued by the directorate of industries.
  • Registration fees in crossed Demand draft – in favour of spice board.
  • Self-certified partnership deed
  • Self-attested certificate is needed if the person is an exporter of scheduled products.

Benefits of Spice Board registration in Bangalore

  • It helps in Post-harvest improvement.
  • It provides quality evolution services.
  • The board takes part in research & development.
  • It involves the regulation of domestic marketing.
  • The board is active in the trade promotion.
  • It undertakes product development and research.
  • The board collects and documents trade information
  • The exporters can have the exportation
  • Quality control and the certification

The main functions of the Spice Board India

  • Improve all spices after harvest
  • Certificate of Organic Production, Processing and Spices
  • Development of spices in the North East
  • Provision of quality evaluation services