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Design Registration in Bangalore

Design registration in Bangalore is done by Smartcorp - an expert team who provides guidance in Design Registration process. We have extended our services in Bellandur, Yelahanka, Chikballapur, Jp Nagar and in Kanakkapura. Smart corp is an online platform which covers all type of legal registration services under one roof. Registration and protection of designs in India are controlled by the Designs Act, 2000 and the Design Rules that were enacted in 2001. The Design Act, 2000 is the replacement of the act that was introduced in 1911. Design registration in Bangalore is essential for all individuals who creates a model, or a person who creates a software design.

To protect the novelty and uniqueness of the design, design registration in Bangalore is done. Through this registration, it is possible to protect the product’s design. According to legal term, a design refers to all principles and modes of construction. The design which is already available and obvious and known to be public cannot be registered under Designs Act and if there is any opposition, it must be reported within six months. The applicant should reply for the objections raised.

Documents Required for Design Registration in Bangalore

  • A request for registration of the design.
  • Applicant's full name and the address.
  • Name and classification of the article
  • A specimen or photographic presentation of the design.
  • Original Certified Copy or copies of extracts
  • Declarations

Requirement of design registration in Bangalore

  • It should be new or original.
  • Should not include the artistic work or trademark.
  • The design should be different from the existing or already registered or displayed to the public
  • The Design must have the clear view.
  • It should not depict any obscene or scandalous matter.

Benefits of Design Registration in Bangalore

Provision of exclusive rights:

Design registration in Bangalore is essential to enable and prevent unauthorized imitation of protected designs by third parties.

Facilitation of marketing and commercialization:

Industrial registration is crucial factor of business assets which will increase the market value of a company and its products and facilitate the business promotions.

Generation of revenue:

Design rights can be sold or licensed to another enterprise, which will then generate revenue for the rights of the owner and in turn, generate revenue for the economy at large scale through the payment of taxes, licensing fees, permit charges, etc.