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Design Registration in Bangalore

Smartcorp, an expert team, facilitates Design Registration in Bangalore, extending its services to areas like Bellandur, Yelahanka, Chikballapur, JP Nagar, and Kanakkapura. This platform provides comprehensive legal registration services online. In India, the Designs Act of 2000, along with the Design Rules established in 2001, regulates design registration and protection. The Design Act of 2000 replaced the previous legislation from 1911. Design registration in Bangalore is crucial for individuals creating models or software designs.

This online design registration in Bangalore safeguards the novelty and uniqueness of a design, protecting its integrity. Legally, a design encompasses all construction principles and modes. Notably, designs already available to the public or considered obvious cannot be registered under the Designs Act. Any opposition to a registration must be reported within six months, requiring the applicant to address raised objections.

Documents Required for Design Registration in Bangalore

  • Application for design registration process.
  • Full name and address of the applicant.
  • Identification and categorization of the item.
  • An illustration or photograph showcasing the design.
  • Authenticated original copy or extracts.
  • Statements or affirmations.

Requirement of design registration in Bangalore

  • The design must be novel or innovative.
  • It should not contain artistic work or trademarks.
  • The design that needs design registration in Bangalore needs to be distinct from those already registered, displayed, or existing in the public domain.
  • The design should have a clear presentation.
  • It must not portray any obscene or scandalous elements.

Benefits of Design Registration in Bangalore

Granting exclusive rights:

Online design registration in Bangalore is crucial to protect against unauthorized replication by outsiders.

Enhancing marketing and commercial value:

Industrial registration serves as a fundamental asset for businesses, boosting a company's product value and aiding in business promotions.

Income generation:

Design rights can be sold or licensed to other businesses, generating revenue for the owner and contributing to the economy through taxes, licensing fees, and permit charges.