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Trademark Registration in Chennai

Smartcorp offers trademark registration in Chennai with experienced professionals. Our services now cover Pallavaram, OMR, Madhavaram, Kilpauk, Gopalapuram, Red Hills, and Perambur at an affordable cost. Operating within government regulations, Smartcorp is a registered and trusted consultant in Chennai, dedicated to delivering top-notch services that align with customer expectations, leveraging over a decade of consultancy experience.

Online Trademark registration in Chennai, an integral part of intellectual property, comprises recognizable designs, signs, or symbols defining a product or service's origin. Service marks, on the other hand, identify services and their respective owners. Any individual, business entity, or legal organization can own a trademark, registered under the Trademark Registration Act of 2004. The symbols ™ and ® signify trademark registration, essential to prevent fraud and establish global recognition and customer goodwill. The online trademark registration process allows registered applicants to use the ™ logo in their brand name, signifying quality in their business.

Documents required for trademark registration in Chennai

  • Application form submission
  • Providing applicant's identity, address, and nationality proofs
  • Including a logo with the brand name for registration purposes
  • Furnishing partnership deed or incorporation certificate
  • Authorization via signed Form 48 from the applicant for trademark filing
  • Registrants need to substantiate the specific user data, incorporation certificate, and invoice copies associated with the brand name for TM proof.
  • Applicant affidavit required for the registration procedure
  • Submission of a power of attorney, signed by the applicant

  • These documents are necessary for online Trademark registration in Chennai.

Benefits of trademark registration in Chennai

  • Easy online trademark registration process
  • Recognized worldwide
  • Establishes goodwill and fosters customer trust
  • Legally sanctioned and government-approved
  • Elevates market value
  • Shields against fraudulence
  • Expands business reach
  • Provides exclusive commercial goodwill rights
  • Asset creation through branding
  • Identifies your brand uniquely