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Trademark Registration in Chennai

Smartcorp provides Trademark registration in Chennai with eminent professionals. We have expanded our services in Pallavaram, OMR, Madhavaram, Kilpauk, Gopalapuram, Red hills and Perambur offer at affordable cost. Smartcorp is functioning under the rules and regulation of the government and they are a registered consultant and trustable service provider in and around Chennai. The main objective is to provide pre-eminent service to satisfy the customer expectations since they have 10+ years of experience in the consultant sector.

Online trademark registration is an intellectual property consisting of a recognizable design, sign and symbol which defines the product or service of the source. Service marks are used to identify the services and the owner of the brand. Trademark owner can be an individual, business organisation or any type of legal entity. It is register under the act of trademark registration act, 2004. ™ and ® are the symbol of trademark that indicates the trademark registration. The trademark registration is mandatory to avoid fraudulent and it is globally recognized and creates goodwill among the customer. The registration process of trademark is done through online and the registered applicant can use the logo of ™ in the brand name which ensures the quality of the business.

Documents required for trademark registration in Chennai

  • Application form
  • Identity, address and nationality document proof of the applicant
  • Logo–should contain brand name i.e to be registered
  • Udyog Aadhar registration certificate
  • Partnership deed or incorporation certificate
  • Signed form 48 authorisation from the applicant for trademark filing
  • The registrants have to claim the specific user data, incorporation certificate, and invoice copies, etc. with the brand name for the TM proof.
  • Applicant affidavit for the registration procedure.
  • Power of attorney signed by the applicant

Benefits of trademark registration in Chennai

  • Online registration process
  • Global recognition.
  • Creates good will and build a trust among the customers
  • Legally approved and accepted by the government
  • It enhances the market value
  • Avoid against the fraudulent
  • It expands the business
  • Can get an exclusive right on commercial goodwill
  • Fabrication of asset
  • Brand identification.