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Legal Metrology Certification in Chennai

Obtaining Legal Metrology Certification in Chennai is made efficient through Smartcorp, a top provider in the city. We offer services in Ambattur, Velacherry, Adayar, Guidy, Mylapore, Saidapet, and OMR. Our aim is to meet business expectations, offering cost-effective and streamlined services to simplify your registration process.

The online Legal Metrology Certification in Chennai, regulated by the Government under the Legal Metrology Act of 2009, oversees import-export activities and packaging measurements. It encompasses licenses for manufacturers, dealers, and repairers to ensure accurate measurements and weights in trade.

The registration caters to three categories: manufacturers, packers, and importers, maintaining transparency and accountability in business practices. This act safeguards consumer rights and interests.

Documents Required for Legal Metrology Certification

Documents required for online Legal Metrology Certification:

  • Identity and address proof of the applicant/partner
  • Photographs of the applicant or partner
  • Birth certificate proof of the applicant/partners
  • Ownership documents and premises location
  • Partnership deed (if applicable) is required for Legal Metrology Certification in Chennai
  • List of machinery and tools
  • Model approval certificate for proposed weighing and measuring instruments
  • Affirmation to comply with legal provisions and Controller's directions
  • Declaration of no past convictions or pending criminal proceedings
  • Factory/shop registration document
  • Establishment and municipal trade license
  • VAT/CST/GST registration/PAN photocopy

These documents are necessary for Legal Metrology Certification online process.

What are the benefits of legal metrology certificate?

Benefits of Legal Metrology Certification in Chennai:

  • Reduces trade costs and supports smoother trade processes.
  • Minimizes technical trade barriers.
  • Ensures compliance of weights and measurements with standards.
  • Facilitates fairness in trade, benefiting both consumers and traders.
  • Aids in revenue collection through proper legal registration.
  • Builds trust among stakeholders.