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Design Registration in Chennai

Smartcorp is the best consultant in Chennai in providing best design registration service. We offer our services in Ambattur, Velacherry, Adayar, Guidy, Mylapore, Saidapet, Porur and many other locations of Chennai at an affordable cost and also we follow the updated norms and terms of our government. Smartcorp have 10+ years of experience in the consultant sector and our goal is to achieve the destination of customer’s business expectation.

Design registration is a formal legal protection that is granted to the ornamental design of the functional item. The registration of design comes under the section 2 (d) of the designing act 2001. The design registration confers 15 years from the date of application. The initial year of validity is 10 years and then they can renew after 5 years. Design registration is attractive and appealing; it adds value to the product and increases its marketability. The design registration protects from the fraudulent and the registration process of design is easily applicable through online.

Documents needed for Design registration in Chennai

  • Certified Copies of originals or extract copies
  • Declarations
  • Affirmation
  • In the payment time, applicant should submit their other public related documents
  • Declaration should contain a statement of truth and verifiability and it should be in paragraph form.

Benefits of Design registration in Chennai

  • A best design attracts the attention of customers.
  • It enlarges the commercial value and Market value of the Product.
  • Design registrants get exclusive rights on their own creation and prevent their design from unwanted contravention.
  • It ensures that the design is original and authentic.
  • A creative design shows the significance of the brand. In the market it places a form of unique approach and it is totally differentiated from the entire existing product.
  • It provides exclusive rights over a period of time
  • Return on investment