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Coir Board Registration in Chennai

Apply for Coir Board registration in Chennai through Smartcorp’s expert business services, offered seamlessly. Smartcorp operates across key areas including Pallavaram, Egmore, Oragadam, OMR, Madhavaram, Kilpauk, Gopalapuram, Red Hills, and Kodambakkam. Renowned for adhering to the latest government norms, Smartcorp aims to simplify and expedite the registration process, ensuring top-notch service and professional guidance for customers.

The online Coir Board registration in Chennai falls under the Coir Industry Act No. 45 of 1953. This statutory body, established by the Indian government, underscores the traditional Coir industry's significance, acting as a pillar of the nation's economy. The government's oversight ensures regulation of Coir Board activities, which bolster the business of Coir products such as coir fiber, coconut husk, and coir yarn. All imports and exports related to Coir fall under this act, fostering global trade in the industry.

Coir Board registration in Chennai not only sets business standards but also grants registrants access to government subsidies and schemes. Actively supporting the International Year of Natural Fibres, the Coir Board plays a pivotal role in a sector that employs over 7 lakh people, predominantly from rural areas and economically weaker sections of society. The online registration process is facilitated through the Coir Board portal.

This registration opens doors to benefits and support while uplifting a significant portion of India's workforce, ultimately contributing to the growth and recognition of the Coir industry both nationally and internationally.

Documents required for Coir Board Registration

To apply for Coir Board registration in Chennai, complete

  • Annexure II form.
  • Gather the original and a copy of the export order from the overseas buyer,
  • A PAN card copy, and a certificate of your financial status from a nationalized bank.
  • Ensure you have the Code of Conduct for exporters,
  • Importer-Exporter (IE) code copy,
  • Udyog Aadhar copy, and
  • A certificate of insurance.
  • For partnership firms,

    Include the deed along with the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

  • If your business falls under the small-scale industry category,

    Include a copy of the SSI certificate.

These documents are essential for a smooth online Coir Board registration process, enabling your business to benefit from government support and schemes while adhering to industry standards.

Benefits Of Coir Board Registration in Coimbatore

  • Legally sanctioned, Coir Board registration online opens doors to government schemes and subsidies, offering registrants access to financial aid.
  • It sets industry benchmarks, collects manufacturer statistics, and enhances the husk market.
  • The Coir Board actively promotes cooperative initiatives within the industry.
  • This registration not only ensures compliance but also facilitates opportunities for growth and support, fostering a more robust and organized Coir market.