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Copyright Registration in Chennai

Smartcorp provides significant services like copyright registration in Chennai with 10+ years of experience in the consultancy field. We provide copyright registration in and around Chennai like Adayar, Guidy, Mylapore, Saidapet, Porur, Purasaivakkam and Chromepet at an affordable cost. We follow the updated norms and terms of the government and also stands as a trustable consultant in Chennai. Our objective is to provide eminent service and to satisfy the customer suppositions by making the registration process as simple and quick.

Online copyright registration is an intellectual property that gives an exclusive right on the creative work. The creative work may be in any form of music, books, art or literature. Copyright registration is intended to protect the original expression of idea in the form of creative idea. It creates a public record to show the own creation and protects from the fraudulent and rules infringement. Copyright registration comes under the act of copyright registration act, 1956. It protects the work until the lifetime of the author with additional six years. The registration makes the owner to stand from statutory damage, attorney fees and cost of suit. The creativity and innovation is appreciated and helps the country to develop economically and culturally. Copyright registrants can make the copy of the work from an official government source. The registration process of copyright can be done through online.

Documents needed for Copyright registration in Chennai

  • Personal Details of the applicant
  • Applicant’s Name, Address and Nationality proof of applicant
  • Work of authors’ name, address and nationality
  • Statement of Applicant’s nature towards this registration
  • Original Copies of the work
  • ID proof of the owner
  • Incorporation certificate if it is a business organization

Nature of the Work

  • Work elucidation and classification of class
  • Work title.
  • Language of the Work
  • Publication date - in internal magazines

Advantages of Copyright registration in Chennai

  • It provides legal protection
  • Protects from the fraudulent
  • Lifetime validity
  • The registration process of copyright is simple and quick
  • Online registration
  • Public notifies the ownership
  • Prevention from money loss
  • Registration within five years of publication prevents from the future challenge.