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Copyright Registration in Chennai

Smartcorp, with over a decade of consultancy experience, offers copyright registration in Chennai, spanning areas like Adayar, Guidy, Mylapore, Saidapet, Porur, Purasaivakkam, and Chromepet at reasonable rates. Committed to adhering to government regulations, we've earned trust as a reliable consultant in Chennai. Our aim is to provide exceptional service and streamline the registration process for customer satisfaction.

Online Copyright registration in Chennai, secures exclusive rights for creative works like music, literature, and art. It safeguards original expressions of ideas from infringement and fraud while creating a public record of ownership. Governed by the Copyright Registration Act of 1956, it protects the work during the author's lifetime plus an additional six years. Registration shields owners from statutory damages, legal fees, and suit costs. Encouraging creativity, innovation, and cultural development, copyright registration stands as a recognition of the author's creativity. It enables registrants to obtain official copies of their work from government sources, all managed through an online process.

Documents needed for Copyright registration in Chennai

  • Applicant's personal information: Name, Address, and Nationality proof.
  • Details of the authors: Names, Addresses, and Nationalities.
  • Statement explaining the applicant's role in the registration process.
  • Original copies of the work to be copyrighted.
  • Identification proof of the owner for online copyright registration.
  • Incorporation certificate if it's for a business entity.

Nature of the Work

  • Description and categorization of the work.
  • Title of the work.
  • Language used in the work.
  • Publication date, especially in internal magazines.

Advantages of Copyright registration in Chennai

  • Ensures legal protection.
  • Guards against fraud.
  • Valid for a lifetime.
  • Quick and easy copyright registration process.
  • Convenient online registration.
  • Notifies the public about ownership.
  • Prevents financial loss.
  • Registering within five years of publication prevents future challenges.