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Patent Registration in Chennai

Smartcorp offers Patent registration in Chennai, covering multiple locations such as Ambattur, Velacherry, Adayar, Guidy, Mylapore, Saidapet, Porur, and more. As a reliable consultancy in Chennai, our aim is to provide satisfactory services by adhering to updated government regulations.

Patent registration secures the legal rights to sell, use, or reproduce a creation for a limited period after its public disclosure. This online patent registration in Chennai is done under the patent registration act of 1970, granting inventors rights for twenty years. The process for patent registration is straightforward and can be done online in certain cases.

Documents needed for Patent registration in Chennai

  • Form 1 requires the applicant's details for patent registration.
  • A valid proof of provisional specifications for state patent registration.
  • If provisional, Form 2 mandates submission of complete specifications within 12 months.
  • An undertaking and statement under section 8 (if applicable) in Form 3. Form 26 includes the power of authority for applications filed by a patent agent.
  • For patents involving biological materials, a permission letter from the National Biodiversity Authority is required.
  • Geographical locations related to the biological material should be mentioned.
  • The patent application must bear the signature of the applicant or an authorized person, verified by a patent attorney.
  • The final or provisional specification's end page and drawing sheets need the applicant's signature for patent registration online.

Benefits of Patent registration in Chennai

  • Patent registration grants exclusive rights to the applicant for copying, manufacturing, or importing the invention with their consent.
  • Ease of online registration.
  • Opportunities to build a strong market reputation.
  • Public disclosure of the invention.
  • Legal recourse against fraudulent activities.