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Industrial Design Registration in Tirupur

Welcome to Smartcorp Private Limited, Tirupur. In India, an industrial design right is an intellectual property protection that safeguards the visual appearance of non-functional objects. It covers the artistic elements of shapes, patterns, or colours in three-dimensional forms. Industrial designs are prototypes, either two- or three-dimensional, used in creating industrial goods or products. At Smart Corp, we're a leading business provider offering excellent customer support and efficient industrial design registration services. Our expert teams provide valuable suggestions regarding industrial design.

Registering and searching industrial designs

  • The Hague System

    The Hague System allows owners to protect their designs across multiple countries by filing a single application in one language, paying one set of fees in one currency.

  • Global Design Database

    The Global Design Database enables easy searches across international industrial designs registered under the Hague System and in participating national collections via a single user-friendly interface.

  • Hague Express

    Hague Express is a database for industrial design searches, updated weekly with information on current and past designs registered under the Hague System.

  • The Locarno Classification

    The Locarno Classification is an international system used to classify goods for registering industrial designs.