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Copyright Registration in Tirupur

Copyright registration is a legal safeguard in India. At Smartcorp, we efficiently offer copyright registration services for customers in Tirupur. Our highly skilled team ensures customer satisfaction. Copyright registration empowers original creators to protect their work for a specific duration, preventing others from using it without permission. It offers limited-time protection, safeguarding authors' rights and rewarding creativity by ensuring minimum safeguards.

Key aspects of copyright registration:

  • Copyright lasts the author's lifetime plus 60 years.
  • It safeguards the entirety of the author's work.
  • Registration is not just recommended but mandatory.

Copyright registration process:

  • Apply using the prescribed form in the first schedule.
  • File separate applications for each work.
  • Include the required fee as per the second schedule.
  • Sign applications yourself or through an authorized advocate holding power of attorney, enclosed with their signed acceptance.

Documents needed for copyright registration:

  • Applicant's name, address, and nationality.
  • Nature of the applicant's interest in the copyright, stating if they are the author or the author's representative.