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Secretarial Service in Tirupur

Welcome to our Secretarial Services in Tirupur. At Smartcorp, our proficient team of experts assists in handling secretarial duties. We empower entrepreneurs to manage their businesses securely and efficiently. Our comprehensive range of services supports entrepreneurs in achieving success and maintaining a balanced business approach. Our expedient services include administrative assistance and typing, enabling entrepreneurs to alleviate their workload.

Benefits of secretarial services

  • Ownership:These documents determine the company's ownership. They contain information about the members but not specific share details, contracts, or records.
  • Company Law:Adhering to legal requirements for issuing new shares or making significant decisions.
  • Corporate Governance:Balancing the interests of various stakeholders within a corporation.
  • Company Records:Ensuring proper record-keeping, especially in smaller and developing companies.

Our administrative and secretarial services include

  • Organizing and managing board meetings, distributing updated documents.
  • Creating and managing data rooms for industrial purposes.
  • Ensuring timely submission of all legal returns and fees.
  • Drafting corporate documents and agreements.
  • Facilitating temporary secretarial staff for specific projects.
  • Corresponding with local authorities."

Few Services we offer as follows

  • Change of name
  • Change of object
  • Shifting of register office
  • Change of directors
  • Increase in authorized capital
  • Allotment of shares
  • Conversion of private to public vice versa
  • Conversion of OPC to Private and public vice versa
  • Mergers, amalgamations and demergers
  • Due diligence, audit etc.,