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I/E Code Registration

Import Export (IE) Code registration is required for the persons importing or exporting goods and services from India. IE Code is concerned with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. IE Codes can be used by the individual throughout its existence and doesn't require any renewal. Hence, it is recommended for most organizations to obtain IE Code, irrespective of if they need it at the moment.

IE Code application must completed with the necessary supporting documents to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. We Smartcorp provide excellent services in providing IE registration for its customers in Tirupur. We have highly qualified professionals for rendering efficient services to our customers.

Reasons to Register IE Code

  • Importers Require IE Code

    Importers who import their goods into India require an IE Code.

  • No Return Filing

    Once, IE Code is issued there are no further procedures required to maintain validity.

  • Exporters Require IE Code

    Exporters who export goods and services from India should have an IE Code. The IE Code must be quoted while sending shipments and the banks requests the exporters IE Code while receiving money from abroad.

  • Proprietors can have IE Code

    Individuals who are proprietors of certain business can obtain IE Code in their name. To incorporate a business entity it is not necessary for obtaining IE Code.

  • Lifetime - NO Renewal

    Once, IE Code is issued for the lifetime of the entity and requires no renewal.

Documents required

  • Identity and Business Proof

    Identity proof like passport, drivers license, Aadhar card, voters id or ration card to file IE code application. In case of registered body, then partnership deed or registration certificate is required.

  • Cancelled Cheque Copy

    Cancelled cheque should contain the preprinted name of the applicant and account number. Cancelled cheque is used to verify that the applicant is having an active current account with a bank in India.