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AEPC Registration in Tirupur

AEPC, the Apparel Export Promotion Council, originated in 1978 as the official body representing apparel exporters in India. Our team at Smartcorp in Tirupur excels in AEPC Registration in Tirupur, issuing certificates promptly. AEPC supports Indian exporters, importers, and international buyers choosing India as a prime source for garments.


    AEPC registration in Tirupur under section 25 of the Companies' Act 1956, AEPC has two member categories: Member Exporter and Registered Exporter. Any entity involved in garment export, be it a manufacturer exporter or merchant exporter, is eligible for registration.

Achievements of AEPC

  • With its Head Office in Gurgaon and Registered Office at Okla., AEPC operates through 10 offices across India.
  • It stands as a significant body in promoting garment manufacturing.
  • For Indian exporters, AEPC acts as a comprehensive resource hub offering advice, technical guidance, market intelligence, and workforce support.
  • Members receive updates on trade statistics, potential markets, international fairs, and assistance in participating at these events.

AEPC’s main objectives

  • To boost the export of various readymade garments, excluding specific categories like woollen knitwear, leather, jute, and hemp-based garments.
  • To aid small-scale sector members in understanding drawbacks, rules, procedures, and applying for available facilities.
  • To establish design centres, enhancing garment designs suitable for export.

To provide worker training and technical support to enhance garment manufacturing skills.