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NBFC Registration in Tirupur

NBFCs in India provide banking-like services without holding banking licenses. Smartcorp offers efficient NBFC registration in Tirupur, facilitated by our highly skilled professionals. These non-banking finance companies offer various financial services including loans, credit facilities, retirement planning, money markets, and underwriting activities.

NBFCs focus on financial services and don't engage in principal activities such as agriculture, industrial activities, or real estate dealings. Types of NBFCs include Asset Finance, Investment, Loan, Infrastructure Finance, Systemically Important Core Investment, Infrastructure Debt Funds, Micro Finance Institutions (NBFC-MFI), and Factors (NBFC-Factors).

Difference between NBFCS & Banks

  • NBFCs offer banking-like services without holding a banking license.
  • They don't accept demand deposits or issue self-drawn cheques.
  • Unlike banks, NBFCs don't provide deposit insurance via the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation.
  • They aren't bound by reserve ratios like banks.
  • NBFCs cannot primarily deal in agriculture, industrial activity, or real estate transactions.
  • Foreign investment is permitted up to 100% in NBFCs.