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Effective Methods to Register a Company

Effective methods using in Company registration process:

Effective methods are very useful one and ensure a new business registration in India. We should follow some legal procedure as per the act of 1956. It is introduced to uplift the progress of new companies and to provide more concession than the company which is not registered.  A registered company gets the authority from the Government of India and it can overcome the issues of arbiters legally. It helps the company to run a business with a competence and to avoid corporate risk. When the company is approved we can fight for our rights when there is an issue. A registered company increases the legality of your business and its liability.

Effective Methods to Register a Company | Smartcorp

Effective methods and types of Company Registration

Private limited company registration is the most selective business structure in India. Pvt Ltd Company is the best suitable structure to get initial capital which is valuable for start-ups to set up business in initial stage. The two members are needed to start this venture one shareholder and one director.  It reduces the right to transfer it shares. We can immediately start a company after it is register. The unregistered company leads to illegal business. Company registration is very crucial one.

Rules and Regulations

  • The members must be 2-50 by excluding employees.
  • Funds are transfer specifically between two members.
  • There is no Permission for public in share of a venture.

Effective methods using in Public limited company:

   A public limited company registration allows a firm to transfer shares to investors. Three directors are require in this registration. The minimum members should be 7 and maximum there is no limits.  The Capital limitation must be minimum 5 lakh .It has more transparency among the owner and shareholders.

Rules and regulations

  • The minimum number should be seven and unlimited in case of public company.
  • Restricts the Transfer of shares.
  • Need only 3 directors.
  • A public company registration and secondary process must begin shares and debentures with Booklet.
Effective Methods to Register a Company | Smartcorp

Effective methods in LLP Registration:

LLP  firm registration a combination of a Partnership firm and company. It was introduce in 2008. LLP is the most favourable for professionals, small and medium industries. It has separate legal entity it is mainly depend on the agreement between the partners.  Partners have limited liability, they are not responsible for personal loss or debts that caused by LLP. Rules and regulations following in the LLP are:

  • Should have at least two partners in a company.
  • Execute the agreement between the partners according to LLP act, 2008.
  • Two members should be appoint as designated partners.

Effective methods and rules of OPC:

The One Person Company Registration is a company that is formed by single person.It is a boon for individual entrepreneur to start a business. There will be no third party  intervention it helps to run a business smoothly and there will be prolonged success.

The owner is the decision maker and he/she has the full power to lead a company and personal loss/profit is also belongs to the owner of the company. Rules and regulations following in OPC are:

A person born in India and resident in India can incorporate OPC

Legal entities like Company or LLP cannot incorporate an OPC.

The minimum authorised capital is 1lakh.

A nominee must be appointed by the promoter during incorporation.

Businesses involved in financial activities cannot be incorporated as an OPC.

Effective methods to initiate Non- Banking Finance Company

   A non-banking finance company registration involves with money related organization comprises of an alternate of privately owned businesses.

Similarly, This type of concern will get into the speculations to help their clients in Premium/stocks/understandings/voucher/credit/lease/procure buy, protection, chit business or get stores under any plan or course of action are called Non-Banking Money related Organizations (NBFC) and they are enlist under the Organization Demonstration 1956.


  • Any concern In India need to be incorporate in India as a type of Pvt Ltd. or Ltd. Company.
  • The organization must have at least net owned fund with the limit Rs.200 lakhs.
  •  NBFCs are getting some exceptional condition. They are allow to produce interest rates with the approval of RBI and following its guidelines.
  • Giving the promotions, extra intensive and gifts is not directive to the depositors of NBFC.


   Nidhi company registration is common one.It is otherwise called as Nidhi Bank which is create to gain savings and awareness between its members. Its basic idea is borrowing and lending of funds. The transaction should be make with its register members and within the allowed district. It includes the permanent funds and mutual funds. 

Rules and regulations: 

 Nidhi organization can be begun with an underlying capital of Rs.5 lakh and requires at any rate seven individuals to begin with (least 7 individuals). Nidhi organization enrolment additionally requires three chiefs at first.

Sole proprietorship

A sole proprietorship, isn’t always consider as a company or now not a business enterprise. The individual is the proprietor of this form of company. Sole proprietorship company registration is carry out with a view to open an account underneath the name of a small enterprise. A  Proprietorship could be very easy to begin and have very minimal regulatory compliance requirement for purchasing commenced.

 Rules and Regulations

  • Firstly,Capital amount is limit.
  • Secondly,The liability of the owner is unlimited to its personal assets also. He is liable to pay the company debts and losses.

Partnership firm

   A partnership firm registration is that is shape with a combination of two or more members to run a business on the way to earn income.

Each member of any such group is known as accomplice and together called partnership company.

Also,These corporations are govern by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

Rules and Regulations

  • A partnership must be a result of an agreement between two or more individuals.
  • The bond must be built to share the profits obtaining from the business.
  • The business must be run by all or any of them representing the rest.

  Hindu Undivided Family

HUF registration means Hindu Undivided Family. It reduces taxes by using growing a family unit and capital property to form a HUF. A Hindu own family can combine and shape a HUF.

Similarly, can be create after marriage all of the participants within the HUF are said to be HUF contributors. The assets of HUF are those which come as present, ancestral belongings, property received from the sale of joint family belongings. The individuals from a Hindu own family can join up and shape a Hindu Undivided own family. It frames clearly in a Hindu circle of relatives without the prerequisite of a settlement

  Rules and Regulation

  • There is no contract to create HUF. It comes from the root of Hindu law.
  • The Sikh and the Jainism are include in the HUF by the law even it is not govern. It must have HUF pan card and the file returns.


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