society registration in coimbatore
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Society registration in Coimbatore

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A society registration is an organization of a number of people who are unite for some communal purpose, using mutual agreement to govern and work in cooperation. Societies are usually register for the advance of charitable activities such as sports, music, culture, religion, arts, education, etc.

Society Registration in Coimbatore under the Society Registration Act in India outlines some of the procedures for the purpose of society registration and of operation. This law was enact with the aim of increasing the legal rules of social registration for the advance of literature, fine arts, science or for the purpose of spreading awareness. The Society Registration Act, 1860 has been adopt by many state governments with or without alteration.

Documents required for registration:

 PAN card of all the peoples of the propose society has to be submit with the application.

Resident proof of all members of the society will also have to be submit. The following can be use as proof of valid residence:

Bank statement

Aadhar card

Bill of consumption

Driving permission


The Pavilion of F Association must be prepare which will contain the following clauses and information:

The work and objectives of the society that is being establish

Details of the members of the Society registration in Coimbatore

It will have the address of the Registration Office of the Society

The rules and regulations of the society will also have to be prepare which will contain the following information:

Rules and laws by which the functioning of society will be governed and the maintenance of daily activities

society registration in coimbatore

Rules and Regulations

It will have rules for taking membership of the society

Details of the meetings of the Society and the frequency with which they will be held should be mention

Form of Arbitration in case of any dispute between the members of the Society

Ways of disintegration of society will also be mention

Once the rules are in place, they can be change but the new set of rules will be sign by the President, the President, the Vice President and the Secretary of the Society.

A letter stating that the society is being formed for the purpose or purpose of the society will be attach at the beginning of the application. It will be sig by all the founding members of the society.

Proof of address if the Society’s registration office is located with the landlord’s NOC

The list of all the members of the Board of Governors should be give along with their signatures.

The President of the proposed society has to declare that he is ready and competent to hold the above post.

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All the above documents are to be submit in 2 copies to the Registrar of Societies along with the required fee. Upon receipt of the application, the Registrar will sign the first copy as acceptance and return it while keeping the second copy for approval. Upon proper verification of the documents, the Registrar will issue him an entry certificate by allocating the registration number.

The signed rules and regulations as well as the memorandum must be filed with the concerned society or state registrar along with the specified fee. If the Registrar completes with the Society Registration in coimbatore Application, they will certify that the Society is registered.

Steps for registration of society in India

A society can be form by at least 7 or more individuals. Apart from individuals from India, companies, foreigners as well as other registered societies can also register for the Society’s Memorandum Association. As with partnership payments, the community can also be register or registered. However, only registered societies can oppose the seized property and / or file a claim against or through the society.

Society registration in Coimbatore maintained by the state governments. Thus, the application for society registration must be made to the special officer of the state where the registered office fee of the society is located.

For society registration, the founding members must first agree with the name of the society and then prepare a memorandum of inquiry by the rules and regulations of the society.

Name choice

When choosing a name for society registration, it is important to understand that according to the Society Act, 1860, the same or identical name of the society currently register will not be allow. Moreover, the proposed name shall not suggest for any endorsement by the State Government or the Government of India or attract the provisions of the Symbols and Names Act, 1950.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association with the rules and regulations of the society should be complete with their official stamping by the founding member, Gazette Officer Fisher, Notary Public, Charter Accountant, Oath Commissioner, Advocate, Magistrate First Class or Chartered Accountant and full address. The memorandum must contain the name of the society, the budget of the society. It includes the names of the members of the Society Registration along with their names, addresses, designations and details of occupations. The following documents must be prepare, submit and sign for registration:

Request for Society registration in Coimbatore by giving a covering letter, signed by all the founding members

Copy of Society Memorandum public Association with Certified Copy

A duplicate copy of the norms and terms of the society along with a duplicate copy is sign by all the founding members

Address of Registered Office Fees of the Society as well as No-Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the landlord

The affidavit declares the relationship between the subscribers by the secretary or the president of the society

A few minutes meeting with providing some necessary documents regarding the society registration

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Upon registration, the Society is consider a separate legal entity.

The Society has the right to rent, lease, buy or sell property; Borrow money or enter into a legal agreement in his own name.

The members of the Society registration in chennai are not personally liable for any debts or obligations. Until the debt for the activities undertake to make a profit is receive. Or the activities undertaken are illegal in nature.

A society is entitle to income tax exempt

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