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Digital signature certificate in Tirupur- Anupparpalayam

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can be defined as an electronic version of a paper certificate or a physical like a driving license or passport. They usually serve as proof of a person’s identity and are use only in certain cases. It’s like a passport that identifies the country where a person is a citizen of. Thanks to the passport one can travel to a country legally. One can use DSC in the same way to prove your identity in an electronic context. With the help of the DSC you will be able to access technology as well as many other services on the Internet. One can also sign various documents digitally.

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Understanding DSC

Digital Signature Certificate can be well understood as an electronic alternative to physical or paper certificates such as driving license, PAN card, and passport. Digital signature certificates prove the identity of a person with a specific purpose.

For example, a passport identifies a citizen in relation to a nationality and the citizen is legally entitle to travel to any country upon granting permission. According to these identification require, a digital signature certificate is used to prove a citizen’s identity electronically and to access info or services through the Internet or other electronic media or to digitally sign documents.

Types of Digital Signature

Class 1 DSC

This class 1 DSC can be use for individual’s purpose or for a private purpose. This is use to identify and for the confirmation of the person’s name. Their details of contact can be used to verify in the database certifying authority.

Class 2 DSC

This Digital signature certificate is issue for both business and individual purposes. It is given for the authorities to have electronic signature, on various documents.

Class 3 DSC

This is the highest level of the authenticity DSC issue for the organization, to participate in e- commerce, auction. When person signs in any electronic documents digitally actually it is acknowledging the addressee that nowhere the information has been misinterpreted. Also it is use to verify the identity of the message.                                                  

Difference between electronic and digital signature

In the electronic signature it has the electronic symbol, which is being attach to the document and the digital signature certificate is use to authenticate the electronic document. Hence electronic and digital signatures are binding.

The digital signature is verify when any signature is apply, holding the log of multiple events. Advance digital signature products, such as approval, send notifications if the log is change. Audit logs are not obtain, in an easy way.

The popularity of the Electronic signatures is increasing because they are easy to use. Users can sign documents online with the click of a mouse or by using their fingers to mark a document with a handwritten signature. The downfall of electronic signatures is that they are not regulate like digital signatures. Each seller should set their own standards and you should take their word for it when they say their signatures are secure.

Of course, electronic signatures do not have secure coding for digital signatures. That technology links the signature to the signature’s identity. Also it links the time the document is sign. In particular, electronic signatures are an image place on a document, but they cannot be show if someone tamper with the document after signing. 

In the digital signature certificate, the details of the individuals, are retain. The details of the individuals are not retain with the individuals in the electronic signature.

The encryption done by using the digital signature is very secure. The electronic signatures are not based on the standards. In DSC it is create by trust certification officers or trust service providers. In the electronic signature there is no specific validation process. The signature it is secure, but in electronic signature, it is very much vulnerable for the tampering. The work of this certificate is securing the document. But the work of the electronic signature is verifying the document.

DSC are legal?

DSCs have been legalize in India since the enactment of the Information Technology Act 2000. In fact, the CIs who issue these certificates operate under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India and it is the Information Technology Act that governs the entire process. Readers should not confuse digital signature with DSC.

Digital signature is basically the electronic way of signing an electronic document. On the other hand, a DSC is otherwise a computer-based record. DSCs are use over a wide area. You can use them to send and receive digitally signed and encrypted emails. They can be use to execute secure and sound transact on the Internet.

In fact, DSCs can also be use to identify other companies involved in web-based transactions. One can use it for purposes such as e-Tendering and e-Procurement. DSCs are also use to file with the Registrar of Companies in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). If one wants to file your income tax returns online, one can also use DSCs. People are also using DSCs to sign documents such as MS Word, PDFs and MS Excel. If one wants to create a paperless office, this is the best you can get.

digital signature certificate in tirupur

Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate

Save time: Save transaction time using digital signature. This is because the documents prepare by the sender are auto verify. Recipients therefore do not have to spend their time for manual verification.

Save money: In the past, transacts were create manually, which takes more time and manpower. Therefore it is costly. Nowadays, every transacts is process through internet and digital signature, which saves cost.

Security Improve security: This provides better security in the transaction. Any unauthorized person cannot cheat in the transaction.

Legal: It is 100% legal because it issues a government certification authority.

Status Easy status tracking: You can easily track the status of digital signature applicable documents.

Undeniable: if you have digitally signed a document, then you cannot refuse.

Rejection: Digitally signed documents cannot be copy or alter.

Time stamped: When a document is sign, the date and time are automatically stamp on it.