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Legal metrology certification in Tirupur-Kumaran Road

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  Legal Metrology certification in Tirupur is a division of the Consumer Affairs Division, which came into force in 2009. It deals with the manufacture, import and supervision and control of weighing, measuring instruments and equipment and legal metrology certification.

legal metrology certification in Tirupur

The Legal Metrology certification in Tirupur Division falls under the Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Division of the Government of India, which regulates weights and measures. The Legal Metrology Act helps to manage and reduce the ill effects of the errors weight and measurement. The first law of the W&M Act 1956 was implemented base on the metric system and the international system of units recognized by the OIML – International Organization of Legal Metrology, with the aim of providing a coherent plan and uniform standards of the Legal Metrology Division. Clearly defines weights, measures, units, standards and mandatory requirements with the aim of ensuring public assurance of the accuracy and safety of weights and measures.


Benefits of Legal Metrology certification in Tirupur

Firstly,Measurement plays a key role in commercial practices. It demands that effective trade be transparent. And also it demands to create a balance between traders and consumers.

Reduces transaction costs

Legal metrology certification in Avinashi states that frequent modification of poor measurement practice proves to be costly and time consuming. They affect businesses and consumers. In fact it is even more costly to initiate legal action against an infringer. When measurements are made accurately and correctly in accordance with all the provisions of the Legal Metrology Act, it will definitely reduce the cost and time.

Contributes to trade

The Legal Metrology Act is responsible for regulating illegal and malpractices of the trade. The purpose of this law is to ensure that the measuring instruments are intact and also it in working condition so that they meet their purpose and international standards.


Is collecting government revenue

The government gets its revenue through excise duties on production, sale, import and export of products. The Legal Metrology Act ensures that no injustice is give to the government. It deals with business in the matter of payment of tax. Legal metrology certification in Mangalam states that according to the mass commodity ratio, the contract mainly covers both exports of goods and national wages, for example, wood, rice, coffee, palm oil, coal, iron-mineral, gold and natural gas.

Reduces technical barriers to trade

The Legal Metrology Act reduces the burden of barriers of techniques and promotes clarity of measurement. Small amounts of barriers increase a country’s courage and encourage them to participate in the world trade system, resulting in increased national economic growth. Legal metrology certification in Palladam specifies that with the help of the Legal Metrology Act a merchant can avoid useless barriers in adoption, application of technical terms, standards and conformity assessment procedures.

Increase customer confidence

Legal metrology certification specifies that as soon as the customer realizes that they are receiving a certified product according to certain rules and regulations it increases their confidence in the merchant, which eventually leads to a healthy relationship commercially.


Functions of Legal Metrology Certification in Tirupur

Accuracy plays a key role in measurement. Straightforward and skilled Legal Metrology Framework moves confidence in trade, industry and buyer and brings acceptable status to leading business

Commitment to the country’s economy by expanding revenue in various fields.

Similarly,When obtained Legal metrology certification does the important job in reducing revenue losses in coal, mines, industries, petroleum, railways.

Also,Reduce the amount of damage and waste in the infrastructure.

Legal metrology certification in  Kangeyam states that the work done in this way is crucial to the public interest. Executive, Legal Metrology is a statutory authority comprising of forces and functions approve under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 relating to inter-state trade and trade in activities including weights and pre-package products. Director, Legal Metrology is also responsible for formulating standards and maintaining discretion over the standards identified with Legal Metrology. The Director has important functions in the regulation, enforcement and research, regulation and enforcement capacity thinking to promote specialized field research, look, office registration and indictment.


Legal metrology certification in Dharapuram, follows the rules that are give below. Rule 27 of the said rules provides for registration as a ‘packer’ or ‘importer’. Scope and its application: Rule 27 contains the rules for registration as ‘Manufacturer’, ‘Packer’ and ‘Importer’. Before analyzing the registration procedure, it is important to understand the differences between the terms ‘manufacturer’ and ‘packer’.

According to Rule 2 (d), what does the word ‘manufacturer’ mean and who is the person / company?

A Produce / make / manufacture an object

Also,Pack the reasons for marking and placing any mark on any packaged item and stating that the item in the package is an item produce, manufactured or manufactured by such person or company.

Rule 2 (g), on the other hand, defines a ‘packer’ as an individual / company that pre-packs any item, be it any bottle, tin, wrapper or other, wholesale or retail in suitable units for sale.

The term ‘pre-packaged commodity’ means that a product of any nature, whether sealed or not, without a buyer, has a predetermined quantity; [1]

Then,Rule 27 provides for both licenses- packer and importer. The provision states that registration applies to any person who prepacks or imports any item for sale distribution or delivery.

legal metrology certification in Kangeyam
Regulation from Section 23 of the Legal Metrology Act 2009

Legal metrology certification in kanakkampalayam gives the extract.

1. No person shall be licensed to repair, sell, disclose or take possession of any weight or measure, repair unless otherwise permitted under Sub-section (2) by the Comptroller to repair his own weight or in a State other than the same manufacturing State Measurement is require.

2. For the purpose of sub-section (1), the Comptroller shall issue a license in such form and manner on such conditions, for such period and for such jurisdiction and payment of the prescribed fee. Extract from Meghalaya Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, Rule 11, 12 and 13 of 2011.

Thus Legal metrology is important in day-to-day life and Legal metrology certification in Tirupur should be obtained as per the government rules.