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What are the features of Copyright registration

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Copyright registration is a right grant by law to the creators of original works in the fields of literature, drama, music, art, etc. A registered copyright legally protects your work and prevents its unauthorized use.

copyright registration in coimbatore

Between 2017 and 2018, there were approximately 40,000 copyright disputes and inconsistencies exams. To avoid this, you must understand the copyright registration requirements and the process involved.

In India, copyright can be take for original works which fall into this field:

  • Musical works,
  • Literary works such as books and manuscripts,
  • Cinematography films,
  • Fashion design,
  • Artistic works, such as paintings
  • Display,
  • Software, software and other computer programs and integration, etc.

However, it is important to remember that copyright does not protect title, name, ideas, concepts, formulas, methods and short phrases.

Features of copyright registration

It provides legal protection – Copyright registration in Coimbatore will serve as proof of ownership of the work to the author which will provide them with legal protection. Section 48 of the Copyright Act 1957 provides first recognition for entries of registration certified by the Registrar of Copyright.

registering an art

provides branding and goodwill to the owner a copyright certification paves the way for them to create and market their work and build a brand through the quality and goodwill established in the minds of customers.

protects against unauthorized use – copyright piracy provides the copyright owner with a legal remedy against unauthorized use or reproduction of work that would be considered a copyright infringement

Additional features of Copyright registration

provides global security – if the copyright is also register in other countries, the owner will have the same facilities as he has in India.

creates intellectual property – Intellectual property is an intangible asset and Copyright registration in Coimbatore is an intellectual property that can be sold, franchised and contracted on a commercial basis.

Tracks the owner of the work – a copy of the copyright register creates a list of work owners so that the work can be traced by its creator.

It specifies the date of publication – the registration of copyrights includes the date of publication of the work so that it can be easily observed when a case of infringement arises as the date of publication is a key factor when dealing with infringement cases.

provides the owner with the right to license – the owner of the pyrite has the right to easily license to others. The licensing agreement is execute between the licensee and the licensee only when there is sufficient evidence that the work is license.

registering a music

It provides remuneration and royalties to the owner – when the protected work is translate or adapt or edit, the owner has the right to claim remuneration or royalties on such translation, adaptation or acquisition. Relate examples are the music industry and YouTube where content is chip in or songs are use and remix or videos are made on that music.

provides easy import, export and display – Registration of a copyright pyrite facilitates the import and export of works and the creator of the artwork can exhibit them for display or sale.

Copyright rights under copyright registration

When a work is register under copyright, then its author or creator gets certain rights. These rights can be classified according to the type of work they do.

The rights under registration of literary works for Copyright registration in Coimbatore include:

The right to reproduction.

Make copies of the work public.

The right to do so in public.

deliver the work to the people.

make a cinematograph film or the sound recording of that work.

To translate that work into any language.

any adaptation to that work.

copy right registration

The rights under the registration of dramatic works

Copyright registration in Coimbatore include:

reproduce that work.

deliver the work to the people.

dramatic work in front of people.

Right to present copies of work to the public.

convert or insert work into a cinematograph film.

any adaptation of the work.

translate the work into any language.

Rights under registration for works of art

Copyright registration in Coimbatore include:

Reproduce the work.

communicate before people before work.

Make copies of that work public.

allow work to be include in any cinematograph film.

Any adaptation to that work.

register any musical work for Copyright registration in Coimbatore includes:

To reproduce the work.

give a copy of that work.

The right to work in public.

Deliver the work to the people.

Include musical work in any cinematograph film or to record the sound of that work.

Translate the work into any language. to any adaptation of the work.

Cinematograph Film registration rights include:

To make a copy of the film and to include a picture of a part of the film

sell or rent or to sell or rent, a copy of the film

cinematographic film to communicate in public

Registration rights for sound recording include:

Make any other sound recordings including that

To sell or rent or offer to sell or keep a copy of that work

To communicate work before the public.


Creativity is the most essential requirement to enable progress in society. Encouraging creativity leads to economic and social development of the society. Copyright protects people’s creativity and becomes a source of inspiration for artists, writers, etc. Registration of your work with the Registrar of Copyright gives you the right to reproduce it, the right to adapt the work, the right to paternity and so on. Although it may seem simple, the pyrite registration process is a long but important process, which can take 10 to 12 months. It is always advisable to register your copyright. This is because it can go a long way in protecting your rights for years after your death.