Poor Man's Patent
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What Is Poor Man’s Patent Registration Is It Real Or Fake In India?

The hypothesis behind the “poor man’s patent” is that, by depicting your creation recorded as a hard copy and mailing that documentation to yourself in a fixed envelope through ensured mail (or other evidence of-conveyance mail), the fixed envelope and its substance could be utilized against others to set up the date that the innovation was in your ownership. 

The unmistakable allure of the “poor man’s patent” is that mailing yourself composed documentation is a lot more straightforward and significantly less expensive than getting ready, recording and indicting a genuine patent application. Tragically, the idea is generally imperfect and offers no significant lawful assurance or believability. 

While, under the “first to invent” patent framework, there may have been some legitimacy to the thought of recording the date of origination of an innovation thusly, the “poor man’s patent” is definitely not an officially perceived methodology and doesn’t really present any privileges to the designer. Best case scenario, if a genuine patent application had likewise been convenient recorded on the creation, such documentation may have had the option to give some level of help to endeavouring to “swear behind” a reference. 

“Swearing behind” a reference was an interaction under the “first to invent” framework by which an innovator could, in specific conditions, present a statement to the patent office giving composed proof building up full origination of the development preceding the powerful date of the reference referred to against the application. Notwithstanding, considering that the “poor man’s patent” process isn’t secure or sealed, such documentation ought not be viewed as reliable proof for any reason. 

Also, the patent has moved to a “first to invent” patent framework since March 2013, taking out the “swearing behind” process and adequately making a rush to the patent office by which, regardless of whether you created initial, a resulting designer who documented first is bound to be allowed a patent. 

Eventually, there is no genuine substitute to documenting a patent application with the patent office. To the degree that a “poor man’s patent” may give any advantage, it conveys practically zero lawful load all alone, and there are very likely more powerful and dependable method for reporting and securing your thoughts/creations. An accomplished patent lawyer can help you with surveying choices for insurance, remembering for a decent spending plan.

History of poor man’s patent

The patent registration gives the details about the poor man’s patent. 

The possibility of a poor man’s patent emerged when the United States was as yet a “first to create” purview. This implied that an individual who initially thought of an innovation and could demonstrate it would claim the protected innovation freedoms. One way that this could be demonstrated is through a “poor man’s patent.” It was not an ideal arrangement, but rather it frequently was solid proof to help this case. 

Issues with First to Invent 

There were numerous issues with the “first to create” framework. Eminently was the large number of debates in regards to who claimed the licensed innovation freedoms to an item. This was on the grounds that a “poor man’s patent” didn’t notify others of the development. Hence, a few people or organizations would sequentially make licenses they didn’t mean to create for the sheer suit esteem. Genuine innovators who approach the patent registration in Chennai would be focused on and endure unforgiving side-effects in case it was demonstrated that someone else or business had been quick to design the item. 

This was additionally compounded by the way that extortion was an issue in making a truly first record. This again just hurt genuine and certified creators. In the United States, yet in addition globally as most of different nations were “first to document” purviews and not “first to design.” This implied that a few innovators in the United States were in a difficult spot in the worldwide market. 

Changes in Patent Process Marking the End of a “Poor man’s Patent” 

At the point when the United States got away from the “first to invent” framework to the “first to invent” framework, a poor man’s patent became out of date for the time being. This was on the grounds that it presently not made a difference who was quick to imagine an item. All things being equal, the primary individual to record a patent was presently the holder. 

Hence, the finish of a poor man’s patent came rapidly in the United States. While having a poor man’s patent is as yet considered by numerous novice innovators as a feasible choice, this is basically not the situation. The best way to really secure your persistent effort in making another item is through a patent. Patent registration in Chennai does the patent registration only for the new inventions.

Poor man’s patent is obsolete

In view of the change from a first-to-create framework to a first-to-record framework, even the thinking behind a poor man’s patent is presently out of date. Being quick to develop will presently don’t save you is another person recorded first. So regardless of whether you work out the thought for your creation and sent it to yourself, that date would not make any difference. What might matter is the date you documented your patent application with the Patent Office.


Expertly protecting your innovation may, on first appearance, have all the earmarks of being a costly business. Yet, in case you are not kidding about securing your thought, an expertly drafted patent application is the best way to go. 

Compromising in the beginning phases of a thought or business can appear to be appealing, yet it will probably cost more over the long haul to fix the wreck you may wind up in. 

We frequently see customers that have bargains on the table, however have endangered themselves by not putting resources into their patent and exchange mark privileges toward the start, prompting critical issues finishing the arrangement they have endeavored to orchestrate. 

To put it plainly, don’t utilize the ‘helpless man’s patent’ approach. Nowadays, it is more regrettable than futile. Do it appropriately or don’t do it by any stretch of the imagination. Treat licensing and exchange checking as a speculation; pose inquiries of your expert lawful counselor, and settle on an educated choice before you unveil your thoughts.

In India the Poor man’s patent is not available. When clients approach the patent registration in Karur we definitely provide the knowledge about the patent and all its aspects.