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How many persons are required to form a Trust Registration in Chennai?

Each charity Trust is framed by registration of a trust deed. Hence, Charitable Trust Registration constantly alludes to a trust deed. There are in excess of 700,000 unique sorts of governmentally perceived not-for-profit associations in the India. Be that as it may, the authority seal have not been given for a significant number of them.

Registration of altruistic trusts require, that you ought to have some main information regarding how to set up another trust similar to, its enlistment, the prerequisites for such registration, and the charges payable for the registration are concerned. Both, the Federal and the State specialists have set up their arrangement of enlistment of magnanimous trusts. Explicit regulations like the Trust Act 1882 have been proclaimed, and application structures have been endorsed to work with the course of registration.

Individuals set up charitable trust with the joined reason for getting involved into altruistic exercises, while gathering specific advantages for him, his main beneficiaries, and replacements. Other appropriate purposes behind which individuals set up magnanimous trust are to benefit charge exclusions. Such altruistic trusts are philanthropic associations. Be that as it may, to profit this multitude of advantages, the altruistic trust ought to have a lawful substance. Such lawful elements are presented through Charitable Trust Registration, a process set down under the Trust Act and the Federal regulations.


A public altruistic trust is generally drifted when there is a property included, sectionicularly as far as land and building.


Various states in India have various Trusts Acts in power, which administer the trusts in the state; without even a trace of a Trusts Act in a specific state or region the overall standards of the Indian Trusts Act 1882 are applied.

Main Instrument

The principle instrument of any open charity trust is the trust deed, wherein the points and articles and method of the board (of the trust) ought to be cherished. In each trust deed, the base and greatest number of trustees must be indicated. The trust deed ought to obviously illuminate the points and objects of the trust, how the trust ought to be made due, how different trustees might be named or eliminated, and so forth. The trust deed ought to be endorsed by both the settlor/s and legal administrator/s within the sight of two observers. The trust deed should be executed on non-legal stamp paper, the worth of which would rely upon the valuation of the trust property.


A trust needs at least two trustees; there could be no maximum breaking point to the quantity of trustees. The Board of Management includes the trustees.

Application for Registration

The application for registration ought to be made to the authority having ward over the section in which the trust is looked to be enlisted.

Subsequent to giving subtleties (in the structure) in regards to assignment by which the public trust will be known, names of trustees, method of progression, and so forth, the candidate needs to attach a court expense stamp of Rs.2/ – to the structure and pay an exceptionally ostensible registration charge which might go from Rs.3/ – to Rs.25/ – , relying upon the worth of the trust property.

The application structure ought to be endorsed by the candidate before the territorial official or director of the local office of the foundation magistrate or a public accountant. The application structure ought to be submitted, along with a duplicate of the trust deed.

Two different archives which ought to be submitted at the hour of making an application for registration are sworn statement

Enlistment should be possible either at the state level (i.e., in the workplace of the Registrar of Societies) or at the section level (in the workplace of the District Magistrate or the neighborhood office of the Registrar of Societies).

The methodology changes from one state to another. Anyway by and large the application ought to be submitted along with: (a) reminder of affiliation and rules and guidelines; (b) assent letters of the multitude of individuals from the overseeing council; (c) authority letter properly endorsed by every one of the individuals from the overseeing panel; (d) a testimony declared by the president or secretary of the general public on non-legal stamp paper of Rs.20-/, along with a court charge stamp; and (e) an announcement by the individuals from the overseeing board that the assets of the general public will be utilized uniquely to additional the points and objects of the general public.

Every one of the aforementioned reports which are expected for the application for registration ought to be submitted in copy, along with the necessary enlistment charge. Dissimilar to the trust deed, the reminder of affiliation and rules and guidelines need not be executed on stamp paper.

Section 25 Company

As indicated by section 25(1) (a) and (b) of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, a section 25 organization can be laid out ‘for advancing business, workmanship, science, religion, good cause or some other valuable article’, gave the benefits, if any, or other pay is applied for advancing just the objects of the organization and no profit is paid to its individuals.


Section 25 organizations are enlisted under section 25 of the Indian Companies Act. 1956.

Main Instrument

For a section 25 organization, the primary instrument is a Memorandum and articles of affiliation (no stamp paper required)


A section 25 Company needs at least three trustees; there could be no maximum breaking point to the quantity of trustees. The Board of Management is as a Board of directors or overseeing committee.

 1. An application must be made for accessibility of name to the recorder of organizations, which should be made in the endorsed structure no. 1A, along with an expense of Rs.500/ – . It is prudent to recommend a decision of three different names by which the organization will be called, on the off chance that the primary name which is proposed isn’t viewed as adequate by the enlistment center.

2. When the accessibility of name is affirmed, an application should be made recorded as a hard copy to the territorial head of the organization regulation board. The application must possess the following records:

Three printed or typewritten duplicates of the update and articles of relationship of the proposed organization, properly endorsed by every one of the advertisers with complete name, address and occupation.

A statement by a supporter or a sanctioned bookkeeper (Or rehearsing organization secretary or cost bookkeeper) that the notice and articles of affiliation have been drawn up in congruity with the arrangements of the Act and that every one of the prerequisites of the Act and the guidelines made thereunder have been appropriately followed, in regard of registration or matters accidental or advantageous thereto.

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