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How Can we register Private limited company Registration in Chennai?

A Private Limited Company is a lawful construction set up to assist independent ventures with trading productively. It is similar as LLP where accomplices and individuals are gotten against obligations brought about, to a specific cutoff yet it cannot offer its portions to the general population for raising assets. It is in this way represented and exchanged by just investors of the company and other “private” certify financial backers.

Private authorize financial backers are an exceptional sort of financial backers who are typically permitted by the Governments to Trade with private values and other unstable offers, basically in light of the fact that they’re individuals with Private Limited Company Registration is administered by the Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014.

Features of Private limited company

There are many features when registered under Private limited company registration in Chennai.

  • No base capital is needed to set up a private limited company. This implies one can set up a firm with zero introductory venture.
  • To shape a private limited company under Private limited company registration in Chennai, you want just two registered directors. The quantity of individuals in the company can be expanded to 200, hence 200 individuals can put resources into a Private Limited Company.
  • A privately owned business is qualified to take advantage of enrollment under Startup India Scheme of Government of India. This plan profits different advantages including Tax exclusions for the perceived new businesses.
  • As talked about previously, accomplices and individuals are protected from limitless obligation. In case of obligations, every part is answerable for misfortunes to how much their underlying speculation.
  • A private limited company, very much like LLP is a different lawful substance from its individuals. If there should be an occurrence of misfortunes, individuals are not straightforwardly answerable for bearing misfortunes.


Here are the simple tasks one can follow to enroll at Private limited company registration in Chennai. Since the whole interaction is currently on the web, you don’t should be truly present for any customs. A Private Limited Company can be figured out in only 10-12 working days.

1: Select your two directors required for the company mixture and gather their significant reports like PAN Card, Proof of Address (Passport, Driver’s permit or Voter ID or Aadhar), and Proof of Residence (Bank Statement/Utility Bill and so on)

2: Apply for your Private Limited company’s name endorsement under Ministry of Corporate Affairs with up to 2 names of your decision. Yet again in the event that they are dismissed, you can apply with 2 reasonable names.

3: For Private limited company registration in Chennai acquire DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for both proposed heads of your company since it is needed for marking of joining application.

4: Top off SPICE (INC-32) form for consolidation application with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) SPICE represents Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically.

5: File for PAN, TAN and open Bank Account. When you get an Incorporation endorsement, your private limited company turns out to be formally dynamic. Presently you want to procure the Company’s PAN, TAN and open a Bank Account for trading exercises.

Points to ponder before incorporating Private limited company

Here are few points to ponder before registering by Private limited company registration in Chennai

  • Marketing technique is accessible with target clients. Valuing of items and edge accessible in the item.
  • Adequate working capital needed for maintaining the Business for least time of 90 days. The assets can be own asset or Bank reserves.
  • How long Investment in the Business have required, profit from ventures and working capital assets are accessible for fixed cost months?
  • Development of the Business in India for the following 5 to 10 years
  • Plausibility report of the Business and items
  • Field-tested strategies and extended Financial Product for a considerable length of time

Documents for private limited company registration

In India, enrolling by Private limited company registration in Chennai is impossible without appropriate personality and address verification. These records will be required for every one of the chiefs and the investors of the organization to be fused. Recorded underneath are the reports that are acknowledged by MCA for the web-based organization enrollment process adequate.

Identity And Address Proof

  • Scanned copy of PAN Card or Passport (Foreign Nationals and NRIs)
  • Scanned copy of Voter’s ID/Passport/Driver’s License
  • Scanned copy of the most recent bank proclamation/phone or portable bill/power or gas bill
  • Examined identification estimated photo example signature (clear record with signature [directors only])
  • For the unfamiliar nationals, an apostilled or legally approved copy of the visa must be submitted obligatorily. All reports submitted ought to be substantial. The home evidence reports like the bank articulation or the power bill should be under 2 months old.
  • Registered Office Proof

For online organization registration in India, the organization should have an enrolled office in India. To demonstrate induction to the enrolled office, a new copy of a power bill or the local charge receipt or water bill should be submitted. Alongside the tenant contract, service bill or the deal deed and a letter from the landowner with her/his agree to involve the workplace as a registered office of the organization ought to be submitted.

  • Examined copy of the most recent bank proclamation/phone or portable bill/power or gas bill
  • Scanned copy of Notarized tenant contract in English
  • Scanned copy of offer deed/property deed in English (if there should arise an occurrence of claimed property)
  • Scanned copy of No-objection certificate from the land owner


Least capital: No base capital is needed to begin a Private Limited Company from Private limited company registration in Madurai. 

Business raising support: By moving offers it’s not difficult to get assets in a Private Limited Company.

Interminable Succession: Private Limited Company is an organization that has unending progression which is proceeded or continuous presence until it is broken down.

Hazard Factor: In Private Limited Company there is Limited Risk to individual resources.

Legitimate status: The Private organization has its different lawful element that particular its investors and friends.

Free Legal element: Just as one individual can get a lawful activity his/her own name against one more in that individual’s name, an organization being an autonomous legitimate substance can sue the other companies.

Extension of business: The organization can grow business by welcoming investors up to 200 and raised assets by welcoming different funding or People by giving value shares.

Welcome FDI (unfamiliar direct venture): The organization is the best structure to welcome FDI from abroad and it’s a generally excellent vehicle to welcome outside public (unfamiliar cash-flow) to become investors of the organization by giving value share capital.

Recent news on private limited company

The quantity of new organizations fused under the organizations law rose 26% to over 1.55 lakh in 2020-21 when contrasted with the earlier year, as indicated by a report. 

In the report, Rubix Data Sciences on Wednesday said the last financial year started with a record-low enrollment of 3,209 associations in April 2020 and completed at a record high in March 2021.