Can I start food business without FSSAI
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Can I start food business without FSSAI Registration In Chennai?

To guarantee validity, it is compulsory for each food business set up to procure a license from FSSAI, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI Registration in Chennai is needed for all food-related businesses, for example, makers, dealers, cafés, little diners, staple shops, shippers, exporters, locally situated food businesses, dairy ranches, processors, retailers, e-retailers.

Considering the incredible bother caused because of the lockdown forced due to Coronavirus flare-up, FSSAI has given unwinding to the Food Business Operators (FBOs) aside from the makers to work their business just with the FSSAI registration in Chennai

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) sets out the cleanliness and safety norms that guarantee the accessibility of protected and quality food in any food business. This is quite possibly the most fundamental license out of the relative multitude of licenses that are needed to run a café effectively without getting tangled in legitimate obstacles. It is obligatory for each eatery proprietor to get the FSSAI License for their Restaurant from the State Authority.

In our past article, we discussed the significance of FSSAI licenses, and what it means for the café business. In light of it, we got various solicitations from peruses requesting that how do FSSAI License Registration or how to get a food license, what are the fundamental records needed to acquire the FSSAI license, and so on To take care of such inquiries, here we have concocted a subsequent article, where we give you a bit by bit manual for enlisting your Restaurant under FSSAI.

How about we read more to see how to get a food license in India.

For what reason is it essential To Get a FSSAI Registration in Chennai?

A portion of the reasons you should enroll under FSSAI are:

1. Apart from lawful angles, FSSAI License guarantees the food quality at your Restaurant.

2. In this time of client mindfulness, most clients need to eat just great quality food that has been ensured for safe utilization. FSSAI logo on menus and leaflets expands the believability of your café business and builds the client’s trust in your image.

3. It aides in the business extension and normalization of your Restaurant’s kitchen activities. FSSAI food license is given uniquely to those cafés which meet the determinations in the back-end configuration set somewhere near the body. These particulars, as it were, go about as a stencil to accomplish a powerful and safe plan inside the littlest essential space. In this manner plan normalization in your kitchen and other back-end spaces all through the entirety of your branches can be accomplished by keeping these rules.

You can learn about what the FSSAI License can mean for your Restaurant Business here.

How to do FSSAI License Registration for your Restaurant?

Follow the beneath referenced bit by bit cycle to get a FSSAI Registration in Chennai for your café and food business:

Stage 1: Go to, or click here. The application begins with really looking at the qualification model in the event that you are qualified for a Central or State License. You want to enter the location for every area independently and check for their qualification separately.

Note: If your Restaurant has a turnover of up to 20 crores, you ought to go for State License and assuming you have a turnover huger than 20 crores, go for Central License.

Stage 2: After the page opens, click on ‘Pursue’ the accessible license. Top the close down structure with contact subtleties. Ensure you have a legitimate Email ID or a contact number.

Stage 3: Think of an interesting username for the registration and enter the secret phrase. In the wake of topping off the structure, click on Register to finish the sign-up process.

Stage 4: After the record initiation, you will likewise get a sign-up progress affirmation message through SMS and email.

Highlight Remember: This client ID is substantial for 30 days, so ensure that you apply online inside 30 days, or this client ID will be debilitated.

Stage 5: Sign in to your record and top off the internet based FSSAI Registration Application Form. ( (Make sure you have every one of the significant reports needed for the application. Additionally, ensure the application structure is finished at a time, else the structure goes to the fragmented tab). We have referenced the basic archives required for FSSAI Registration in Chennai beneath.

Stage 6: After finishing up the internet based application, take a printout of the structure before you click on ‘Submit.’

Stage 7: Note down the reference number that is shown on the screen whenever you have applied. The reference number is needed to follow the advancement of your application for Registration or Licensing.

Stage 8: Submit the printout of the topped off Online Application Form to the Regional Authority/State Authority with all strong archives inside 15 days from the date of making the internet based accommodation for your application to be thought of.

FSSAI Registration Certificate Fees is INR 100/Year. For the focal license, the expense is INR 7500/Year, and for the state license, it is INR 2000/Year.

What Are the Important Documents Required for FSSAI Registration in Chennai?

Here is the finished rundown of records that you would require for getting a food license for your Restaurant:

1. Form properly finished and endorsed by the Proprietor (Restaurant Owner).

2. Identity Proof

3. Address Proof gave by Government Authorities

4. List of driving chiefs and partners in the business with their character confirmation

5. Valid Email ID and Contact Number

6. Food Safety Management plan (You can get these reports from the closest Notary or can be downloaded on the web)

7. Proof of ownership of premise (Sale Deed, Rent Agreement, Electricity Bill, and so on)

8. NOCs from Municipal Corporations or local bodies.

9. Kitchen Layout Plan

10. Water Testing Report from an ISI supported the office

11. Partnership Deed/Affidavit of Proprietorship (if there should be an occurrence of business worked in different premises or instance of association firm)

12. List of Food Category

13. Types of hardware to be utilized.

14. Medical Certificates of Employees.